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Sayulita with small children?

Sept 2008

We are considering an 8-day trip to Sayulita, Mexico this January/Feb. We will be a party of 6 adults and 3 small children (all under 3 yrs) and we plan to rent a house. We are wondering if this is a good place to take small children? If anyone has experience traveling here with kids we would appreciate any info/advice you may have to share. Thanks! pamela

A couple of years ago, we went to Sayulita with our 9-month-old to attend a wedding. It's a ''sun and sand'' kind of place. Your kids should enjoy the beach, and I would recommend renting a house that has a pool (many of them do) for more water play options. Beyond that, there are simple ''activities'' like walking into town to buy popsicles or fresh tortillas. The town itself is small: restaurants, shops, and boutiques radiating out from the central square, with more residential and less touristy areas beyond. It retains some low-key ''fishing village'' charm, though it has definitely been discovered in a big way by tourists and expats (many signs are translated into English). We found the locals very kid-friendly. I think most rentals provide bottled water.

I haven't been to Sayulita with small children but i think it would be a great place to take them. We went there for our honeymoon and are going back in Nov for our ''babymoon'' and hope to go with our baby someday. Easy traveling and lots of comfy homey places to stay. Really good, safe food. Easy surf. check out

hi there, we were in sayulita with our 2 kids last winter. our oldest was 3 years old at the time and our younger one was just 6 months old. we didn't stay in sayulita but stayed nearby. it was beautiful and fun and cheap. the kids had a great time. the ONLY bad thing was that my older son was walking along the beach with his father and got stung by a stingray. at first we thought he stepped on a rock but he screamed and screamed and by the time i saw them run towards where the baby and I were, his leg had swollen from his foot to his knee and the swelling was starting to spread up. we ran up to town where luckily there was a 24 hour doctor's office (mexico has many of these, they are great in place of a hospital). the doctor was calm although at first, i don't think he knew whether to put warm or cold on my child's sting. we never did find the stinger but after a few painful shots of pain reliever and anti swelling medicine, our son felt better and the swelling started to subside. (our concern was that it would reach his groin.) it was nerve-wracking and in the middle of it we had to think about the possibility of driving him one hour away to the nearest hospital or what. it was the worst feeling i've ever experienced to see my child go through this and not know whether he was having a bad allergic reaction or just a ''normal'' reaction to the sting. BUT the fact that the town had at least one of these doctor's office available and open was a life saver. i would recommend scouting out the area and making sure you know where to go in case of an emergency. otherwise, this was a freak accident. sayulita was beautiful. we just know to shift our feet along the sand now! we love mexico and would go back to sayulita

We had a fantastic 10 day trip to Sayulita 2 years ago with my children, then 1 and 4. It was so easy to get there (fly direct to Puerta Vallarta then take a taxi to town) and beautiful and relaxed. We rented a house that was wonderful (part of the group of houses that include Casa Flor, I believe) that was on the beach and about a 10 minute walk from town. The houses right close to town can be noisy, but it is nice to be able to walk there. The ocean is a little rough, depending on the time of year, so having a pool (in our case shared among several houses) was key for the little kids. We spent time at the beach, but didn't really swim there, just waded. Enjoy! Jennifer

Although we've not done Sayulita with little ones (we visited pre-baby), we've been there twice and loved it both times. The first time we (5 adults) stayed at Villa Amor and loved it. The second time we were 7 adults and rented a great house on the beach called Casa Kestos. It has a small pool but the ocean is right there in front of you. However, with small children it might be hard to manage because the house is at the end of the beach (read: more private) so walking to town is a 15 minute journey along the beach. But, we loved it and if I did it again with my little one (15 months), I think I'd rent there again. But, maybe a search around would be good too since we visited a few years ago and I'm sure things have changed during that time. Overall, we loved Sayulita and have fond memories of our time there. nat