Orr Hot Springs

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Orr Hot Springs is a small, tranquil, clothing optional resort settled deep in the rolling hills of the Mendocino Coastal Range. Situated on a beautiful country road between the towns of Mendocino and Ukiah, the springs flourish on 27 acres at the headwaters of Big River.

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April 2003

Re: Weekend of solitude for mom
Orr Hot Springs, near Ukiah!! As soon as I read that you don't want to talk to anyone, I thought of this place because they actually offer something you wear around your neck that means ''please do not speak with me.'' The idea is that people who want a meditative experience wear this when they are in the communal hot tubs, and everyone respects it. I've never worn it, but I've been to Orr 4 times and loved it every time. It's in the woods west of Ukiah, about 20 minutes from the ocean. There's an outdoor hot tub continually kept overflowing from a natural spring, an outdoor shallow pool that is body temperature, and an outdoor cold pool you can dive into that is REALLY cold (takes your breath away--can't stay in it more than a few minutes.) Also a steam room and a sauna. The resort is clothing optional, so don't go if you're uncomfortable with that. But that said, this is NOT the kind of place where people are showing off their nudity, they tend to wear robes as they walk around from place to place and only disrobe to use the pools. Also there are many massages available. All in all a very quiet, wonderful place to get away, enjoy nature, and catch up on your reading. (I've never seen kids there. I think they're not allowed, but I'm not 100% sure of that. I do know there are no dogs allowed.) cheuy

August 2001

Re: Favorite hideways for parents-needing-a-break
For those who are able to deal with a clothing-optional resort, Orr Hot Springs is a lovely, romantic resort in the north coast hills. You have a choice of private cabins (some with kitchens, all with half baths), a community sleeping hall, or camping. Food can prepared in the community kitchen and dining hall. No food is available there, you have to bring and prepare everything yourself. There is a hot tub, a small warm pool, private warm baths, a larger cold (swimming) pool, sauna and steam room. Massage is available at extra cost. The beautiful gardens are lovingly tended by a full time gardener. Orr Hot Springs is private and very well monitored with clearly-stated behavioral guidelines, so it is a place were people can feel comfortable. It tends to be quieter during the week and noisier on weekends. It is about 25 miles west of Ukiah, phone 707-462-6277.