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You can rent the Arlington Park rec room fairly inexpensively. We did that once and had a double party for both kids with a space theme and activity stations, got a friend to bring his guitar and play some songs for the kids. The kids like running in and out of the room into the park and it's not crowded or noisy. 

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Re: Picnic site for 1st birthday party (March 2003)
A really good one is Arlington Park on Arlington Ave. in El Cerrito. I haven't held a function there in many years, but it's got plenty of room and lots to do for supervised kids including a clubhouse, separate area with picnic tables, small creek with a bridge, a pond, a very large lawn area, playground with sand, separate play structures, etc. I'm not sure about fees and reservation details, but the contact person is Janet at El Cerrito's Park and Recreation Department, #215-4370. maya

Re: Picnic site for 1st birthday party (March 2003)
Try Arlington Park, on Arlington Blvd. about a half mile north of Moeser. It's a very pleasant place and you can reserve the picnic areas via staff at the El Cerrito Community Center near the bottom of Moeser Lane. I see lots of people using it for parties throughout the spring/summer. There are tennis courts, a stream, climbing structures (rather old, though) and lots of open space for running around. Be sure to get a key for the bathroom if you reserve a space. Have fun! Dianne