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Beach vacation in Massachusetts

May 2010

Hi, I'm going to visit my sister who lives in NYC, and go away for a weekend with her husband and mine. We're looking to be near a beach, and not spend too long getting there from the city. I've never been to Martha's Vineyard, and am intrigued, but would love to hear what you all like! Thank you! Dawn

To me the idea of going to Ma from NYC for a weekend means wasting a LOT of time in the car instead of enjoying yourself. Think minimum 6 hours driving, and then ferries to the Vineyard (need a reservation) plus Friday and Sunday summer traffic! I would highly recommend either Fire Island or the Hamptons but book soon and the traffic is still horrible. G

I love Martha's Vineyard. Highly recommend. Beautiful Beaches, good food, fabulous radio station (wmvy). Worth the ferry ride.

I lived on Martha's Vineyard for three years with my husband and two kids. We loved it. There are beautiful beaches and things to do. There is a Jet Blue/Cape Air shuttle from NY to MV. And if you are driving and take the ferry, check the rates and make a reservation early. There are farms and shops and artists galleries and beautiful beaches. It is truly an aesthetic, creative place where you will not be overwhelmed with traffic lights (I think there are 3 on the island) and highways. You will be able to swim in the wide ocean or inlets or where the river meets the ocean. We are going back this summer and can't wait. I am less familiar with Cape Cod but Truro and Chatham are nice places. Have a great weekend!! claire

My father retired to Falmouth on Cape Cod about 5 years ago and I've taken a day trip to Martha's Vineyard -- it IS lovely.

One thing to keep in mind.... timing is everything. After Memorial Day it might be difficult to get housing on the island or more popular places on the Cape. And if you go to the island and don't fly from NYC, you've got to get to the Cape (5 hour drive) and then get over on the ferry, which for a car will require a reservation. You can take a train most of the way there and then a bus to the ferry, or probably a bus from NYC all the way to Wood's Hole (the ferry terminal).

Having said that, I think anywhere on Cape Cod would be lovely and quite enjoyable. Feel free to email me for more info and questions.