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Teen Activities in Massachusetts

April 2007

We'll be in New England for a few weeks this summer. I'd love any ideas for places where there might be enough to entertain 2 middle aged parents and an almost 14 year old boy. He is not into nature, camping, long drives, museums or history (or much of anything that we enjoy). Thanks Kate

If you are in Boston you could go to a baseball game. The mother church of the Christian Scientists is in Boston and within that is the really cool Maparium. It was made by Tiffany (of Tiffany glass) and is a large globe made of stained glass that you can walk through the center of on a ramp. It has amazing acoustics. It is also interesting to see how many of the countries are named differently now from when it was made, I think, in the 1930s. In Cambridge, there is Harvard Square, you should feel at home if you are from Berekley! Have fun!

Couple ideas for you given below. I took three kids there last year (15, 15, and 17). The boys liked the Tech and the Improv Theatre in Somerville. The beaches are different and interesting on Cape Cod.

Have fun, Nathan

Try a ball game.

Boston Red Sox

Pawtucket Red Sox

Miniature Golf on Cape Cod

Improv Theater in Somerville, MA (I think this is it. Should be 6-8 blocks north of Harvard Square, maybe more.)

MIT Tech Museum It's on a corner near Mass Ave. Took my two 15-year olds there and they had a blast.

The Patriot's Walk in Boston (Could be a stretch if he doesn't like history. There is an option to take an amphibious vehicle for the tour; called a Duck Tour, as I remember.) Nathan