Cape Cod

Archived Responses: 

When I was growing up, my family spent 2 weeks each summer in Eastham on Cape Cod and from 1971 to 1984 my parents lived there. My favorite towns to stay in are Wellfleet, Truro, Eastham, and Orleans. Late June shouldn't be too bad on the Cape.

Things to do:

One morning get up well before sunrise and drive to the Truro sand dunes and walk out towards the ocean and watch the sunrise.

Go to Rock Harbor in Eastham/Orleans and watch the sunset. Also go late in the morning to see the fishing boats return.

Definitely got to Provincetown and walk the main street. Sometimes the most interesting thing to see is the tourists who've com to see the scene. Eat a meal, prefereably dinner, at Ciro and Sal's. It's been around since at least the 60's and now run by Ciro's daughter. Make sure you get some fried clams. There's a great seafood place on the eastside of Rte 6 in North Eastham, it's called Nauset ?? and get a steamed lobster. Or you can get a steamed lobster to go either there or at the lobster place near the Rite-Aid in Orleans.

Definitely go to either Coast Guard Beach or Nauset Light Beach and go for a long walk along the shore. Also the there bayside beaches that are good -- My favorite is First Encounter Beach in Eastham. Take the walk at the Redwood Marsh and checkout the view behind Captain Penneyman's house -- both are of the east side of Rte 6 between the Orlean's Circle and the Eastham Post Office.

p You will enjoy driving along Rte 28 and Rte 6A, lots of old bookstores, quaint shops and smaltzy gift shops. Your kids might hate this part.

For bayberry candles, pine incense, etc. go to the oulet store. One is in Orleans on 6A as you head out of town and there's another one in Hyannis. Have a great time. Andrea (4/99)