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    I heard there was a Dog Chiropractor in Tracy named Michael Gleason. None of the phone numbers I received seem to work - does anyone know a contact for him? Also if you know of another dog chiropractor near Oakland that you would recommend please let me know. Thanks.

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    Try Creature Comforts on MacArthur in Oakland, near the Dimond district. Acupuncture and herbs, certainly; referral to chiropractic and homeopath if they no longer offer it. Best. 

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    When I googled him this number comes up. I don't know if this is the number that you have.

    (209) 833-3814

    12050 Midway Dr, Tracy, CA 95377

    RE: Dog Chiropractor ()

    Creature comforts on MacArthur in Oakland offers dog chiro and accupuncture