Pet Doors

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Sept 2002

I'm moving into a new house and am considering installing a pet door for my medium-sized dog. At the moment, we just leave the door open, but I don't want to do this anymore (possibly safety issue and also want to keep out flies and other insects/critters). I'm a little overwhelmed by the choices - flap, plastic door, electronic door, etc. Is it worth doing? Can anyone recommend any specific type or brand? Any tips on getting your dog to use the dog door? Thanks. Jenn

We have an electronic door for our cat and we love it. He comes and goes when he pleases day & night and we don't have to worry about leaving the door open. There are lots of cats and raccoons in the area so an electronic door rather than just a flap was important to us. The door is a staywell 31. As I recall it was pretty easy for my husband to install. Kana