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I bring 25 years of experience to the college application process and offer the best essay editing in the business.  After fifteen years of coaching Advanced Placement students on college applications and essays, I created the College App Jungle website, then launched University Gates Advising a decade ago  Last year, my clients were admitted to Stanford, most Ivy League and University of California campuses, and to regional favorites.  I work closely with students and parents to identify the best application strategy and work with essays from application to scholarships.

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I would recommend Sean with no reservation for any form of essay editing or writing help and especially for the college application process. He helped both my son and my daughter with their application essays not only in a timely and functional manner, which any one can do, but with care and finesse which showed how invested he too was in their applications. Moreover, Sean does more than just edit essays as he sat down with both my kids to help them brainstorm essay ideas not by simply reading them a prompt and asking them what they want to write about, but by having conversations with them and drawing out topics that they themselves never would have thought about. He is extremely prompt with email replies and has an editing format which prioritizes clarity and maintaining the writer's voice. I know that Sean played an instrumental role in getting both of kids accepted into their dream colleges, and we fully intend to go to Sean with any other writing needs they will have throughout their college and med school careers. 

I would strongly recommend Sean Brennan (wordguild [at] for college counseling. He helped both my daughters (they are two years apart) and provided expertise that they felt was critical to their success in getting accepted to Harvard. He was always timely when it came to returning essay edits and helped guide them in directions that elevated their essays. These edits allowed them to focus on bringing out the crux of their essay while providing a needed outside check. He never took away from their voice but rather added to it.  Furthermore he was always willing to share advice when it came to narrowing down a list of where to apply and giving a unique voice of expertise when it came to certain schools with specialized programs. Additionally he was a calm and informative voice along every step of the way. We would highly recommend him and would use him again if we could. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2014

I would HIGHLY recommend Sean Brennan (wordguild [at] for help on the college application process. He helped my daughter extensively through multiple drafts (including additional ones beyond the three full exchanges guaranteed in his price) of her application essays and supplements. She was struggling with topics and the initial essay did not showcase her well, and we were paying thousands to another college counselor who did not provide enough detailed feedback and guidance. By contrast, Sean is quick, affordable, in-depth, easy to work with, and made a very positive impact on my daughter's application process. The finished essay communicated who my daughter was in a way that reflected her own voice. She had a time-crunch for one of her essays and Sean worked through four drafts with her in just 5 days - he is very efficient in his editing of the essays, the draft revisions were thorough and well thought out, they preserved all of her original content while focusing her ideas and drawing out the more important parts. She will be attending Harvard University next fall because of Sean's advice and essay editing work. He is also available to help with the rest of the application process, and provides and unique and valuable service! Jessie L

Dec 2011

RE: Practical Career Counselor Needed

I used Sean Brennan and WordGuild Writing Services for assistance with the written portion of my law school application. While my writing skills are excellent, Sean was invaluable in helping me further shape and polish the material required for the admissions packet. His ability to hone a clear voice and sharpen the focus of both short and extended pieces of writing is excellent. We worked entirely via e-mail, and his support and written feedback were clear and focused. I strongly recommend his services. A.M.

Oct 2011

Sean Brennan helped my daughter immensely with her college application essays. She is applying to a number of very competitive universities this fall, and between her class load and other activities, she had little time to spare. Sean was able to work with her essays via e-mail and very quickly provided extremely detailed and insightful feedback and instruction for an exceptionally reasonable price. He also has a blog with detailed discussion of the major prompts this year. You can reach him at wordguild [at] I strongly recommend his services. c.c