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April 2014

RE: UCSB or UCI for First Gen college bound Eng major student?

Hi there,

I went to UCI. Yes, it was 20 years ago, but I can tell you my experience. Yes, there is a large commuter component to the student body. I wouldn't say, at the time, that the student body was all that diverse. It was heavily Asian/Caucasian, and divided between the 'hard sciences' types who studied all the time and really didn't socialize, and us liberal arts types (who also studied, but not like the bio or computer sci. folks).

I was in a sorority, so got my social life through the Greek system. Pros: living near the beach (most of us lived the first year in the dorms and the rest in apartments/beach houses). Safe, quiet community, yet lots of students in the most popular housing areas. Plenty of parties on the weekend in Newport. If we needed more 'excitement' we went up to Hollywood or down to Tijuana.

The friends I know from high school who went to UCSB all flamed out from partying too much and transferred, but I know that's not true of all UCSB students. Less chance of that at UCI, though, I'd think. WC Mom