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I'd love to hear people's experiences with UC Irvine.  This was the only UC my child was admitted to and we find ourselves not knowing much about the school, the community, the area. We're concerned that the university is geared more toward pre-med and STEM majors (which my child is not) as well as being a commuter school.  Any input is appreciated.

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My daughter is a 4th year at UC Irvine. She is a Public Health and Dance dual major as well as in the Honors College. She loves the school, and the area. It's clean, updated, suburban and accessible. She had choices and this one just felt right to her. I recommend visiting so your daughter can have a visceral reaction to the campus and student body. There are sororities and fraternities and some partying opportunities, but it is a school focused on education. It's extremely diverse, a real plus for us, and the quarter system takes some getting used to at it's accelerated pace. It's a great school, but none are perfect. I really recommend visiting to get a better 'feel' for it.

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I would encourage you to check out the parent forum on College Confidential - there are discussion boards for every college, and the UC's feature prominently, including UC Irvine. Congrats to your student - admission to ANY UC these days is a true accomplishment, and they will undoubtedly receive a fantastic education.