Trails Carolina (Toxaway, NC)

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At Trails Carolina, we use wilderness therapy to help get your child back on track and restore the family unit.

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I feel your pain...your daughter is acting out and I've found, after being in your situation, it doesn't get better. You didn't mention if your daughter is in any kind of traditional talk therapy. I would start there, but judging from what you've described, she may not go willingly.

We used Prepare to Bloom, as a therapeutic and educational consultant. Berkeley High was worthless in helping the situation. Shayna helped us evaluate which next steps or programs our daughter needed. After her behavior escalated we decided to send her to wilderness therapy at Trails Carolina. After that program she went to Spring Ridge Academy, a therapeutic boarding school. I've found the advice after wilderness is usually boarding school, because it's very hard for these kids to return to their prior lifestyle. Trails was an amazing experience for our daughter and our family. It's an well thought out program that doesn't use as much isolation therapy as others. Spring Ridge had it's ups and downs, but did a great job preparing her for her return to "real life".

I'm happy to say after all of this that my daughter is doing very well. I can't fathom what would have happened if she did not get the help she needed.