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Hi, That's a tough time, and I'm not sure of your location needs, but I'm sure that's a factor.

Check Square One Yoga's schedule - they have locations in San Leandro, Emeryville, and El Cerrito. I know the San Leandro location has a great 6:30-7:30am class on weekdays, and it looks like Emeryville has a few at 6:30am. www.squareoneyoga.com - I absolutely love this yoga studio. 

I looked at the Berkeley and Oakland YMCA schedules, but not sure if they fit the bill or not. Do check them out. One other option, not as great for your needs, but possible: at the Y, I used the stretching room to do stretches and some yoga. What worked for me was setting a time and a place to show up and I did the exercise, so maybe if there are days that the class isn't offered at the best time, you can still use a stretching room area for yoga so that you're sticking with what works for your schedule.

Good luck! 

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Feb 2015

RE: Beginning yoga for a 50+ woman

Jennifer Meek at Square One studio in Emeryville. She is wonderful in every way and teaches a gentle flow class on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30. I think she teaches other senior specific classes around town but I'd say a third of the class is 50+ at Square One. It's a hard time for me to fit into my schedule but I keep a membership there pretty much just for that class. gentle yogi

Sept 2013

RE: YogaClass focusing on technique+strength+mediation

I'm not sure if this exactly matches your needs since you are looking to replace an Ashtanga and Iyengar teacher but I frequent a teacher's class (not in Berkeley but in Emeryville) at Square One Yoga Collective, which is a wonderful, unpretentious studio with excellent teachers. One of them is Tara Sullivan. She teaches Vinyasa (also flow), which I find way more interesting than Ashtanga. She is very thorough when it comes to alignment and encourages props (like Iyengar) unlike many other teachers. She is very clued up on this as she is also an Alexander Technique practitioner. Her presence is calm and her temperament is gentle although she does incorporate music (which I love but may not be for everyone.) She is refreshingly insightful and the things she says often resonate with me. And she's funny. I'd be hesitant to recommend her as a ''replacement'' to your previous instructor because we are each absolutely individual and I know from past mistakes how disappointing it is to try to ''replicate'' someone else's style. Maybe see it as an opportunity to expand your learning with someone new. Give it a shot. I love Tara's classes! -- Yogi who has had MANY different teachers over 17 years Shani