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Sparkjoy Consulting specializes in helping families in the East Bay find preschools, kindergarten, and elementary schools. We help families choose public and private schools that best fit their family. We also help resolve school-related concerns and conflicts.

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Leila is an excellent and kind advisor and knows very well how to assess boys and girls of all ages and their educational needs. She saves you tremendous time deciphering the culture and academics of schools, and gives you feedback on the student's best potential match. She will meet with your child or directly observe your child - and if the kids get to know her, they are immediately drawn to her warm and approachable personality. I definitely encourage any parent/student to look for her advice. Whether you are navigating the public or private schools, educational programs, specific classes, learning styles, or applications, she will be of great service because she listens to you and can represent your individual, best interests. 

As soon as it was time to look at elementary schools for our preschool-aged daughter, we knew we had to first spend time with Leila to get her perspective. Sure enough, her insight into the various public and independent elementary schools in the East Bay proved invaluable to us as we prioritized which schools to research, tour, and apply to amidst our busy work schedules. Leila took the time to really understand our goals for our daughter's education, our daughter's relationship to learning, and helped us understand which schools would be the best fit for all of us. She's also a wonderfully funny, down-to-earth, and thoughtful person to work with. I would recommend any Bay Area parent spend the money and time to get Leila's perspectives before embarking on the elementary school journey.​​ 

 Leila made navigating the school decision a joy and opportunity when we were feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure. She was a knowledgeable resource for us about the various choices, both public and private, and helped us discern what would be the best fit for our family. Not least of all, she was a great listener and was encouraging and reassuring about us having the intuition to make the best decision, once we had all the information. We feel very comfortable with our choice, having partnered with her and vetted the pros and cons of several choices with an experienced educator.