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PRAM is an inclusive, volunteer-run non-profit organization formed in 1998 to support families with young children living in the Bay Area.

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Check out a place in Pt. Richmond called PRAM. It is a parent group and they have a field house to rent with an outside space. Go to I think it said it was 225. for 3 hours, but I think there were some cheaper options. I used to take my daughter there. It is a cool space.

I’m in the same boat - my son was born January 19 and my daughter January 22!

For his third birthday we rented the PRAM fieldhouse in Point Richmond. It’s basically a neighborhood clubhouse filled with toys, with a sink, fridge, restrooms, etc. It’s attached to a playground and a garden so if you luck out with the weather there’s plenty of outdoor space. Super affordable but bring your own bells and whistles. I volunteer for them now so message me if you have any questions! Also visit

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Sept 2015

RE: Just moved to North and East Richmond

If you want a Mom's group, PRAM which is based in Point Richmond does a lot of stuff around the area - I'm not as familiar with them but I know many people who participated.

Nov 2011

RE: Rental Space for 1 year old B-day Party in January

The PRAM clubhouse in Pt. Richmond is the best-kept secret around. It is run by a mom's group and is incredibly affordable. There's an outdoor space, plus a sink, microwave and bathroom. Plus it has toys! Here's their website: Happy birthday! PRAM fan

Jan 2007

RE: Moving to Point Richmond

Point Richmond is a great town! We have lived here for 7 yrs. ... The town is very community oriented, and there is a great parents group (PRAM) to get involved with for even more great connections and activities! 

Jan 2006

RE: Spanish classes for toddlers

PRAM runs Spanish classes for children aged 3 and up (they have to be able to attend independently). Classes are ongoing throughout the year and hopefully they'll continue next year when you're children are older. You can get more info from They're located in Pt. Richmond at 110 E. Richmond Ave. buena suerte

we take a great class in Pt. Richmond offered by PRAM on Thursday afternoons from 3:30-4:15 at the Fieldhouse. You can call for info (510)620-6843, but I have found them less than responsive, so I just showed up one day & signed up. the teacher, Rosie, is great. all the kids love the class. they learn common vocabulary words, incorporate art projects, food, etc. she even does little parties for the holidays. it is very affordable- $40 for 8 sessions. your kids do need to be able to attend by themselves (ie parents are not allowed to stay- the instructor has found the kids are better able to focus) buena suerte, mama of a spanish learnin' 3 year old

Dec 2005

RE: Place in Contra Costa for a playgroup

Hi! PRAM (Parents, Resources and More) is a non-profit group that serves families with young children in West Contra Costa (although anyone can join PRAM or use their facilities). They have a great indoor (and outdoor) facility which is open nearly everyday for free. It's pretty much like a preschool classroom with lots of great toys, little cars, trains, dress-up clothes, books, puzzles, etc. Many playgroups meet there and share their time with other families as well. It is also available for free to their playgroups, so if you wanted your own private time, you could do that. So, you might consider having everyone who is a member of your playgroup join PRAM (which is free if you can't afford to pay, otherwise, they do cost $48/year for their membership). Once you are a recognized PRAM member, you get a monthly newsletter (which is really informative), you will have social events coordinated for you, there are monthly family outings, monthly mom's night out, free and low cost art, spanish, music and movement classes, etc. They really are a great organization and they'll all volunteers and survive on donations and grant writing. Your group could remain a set playgroup and you could accept new members or not (PRAM has a playgroup coordinator who helps new members connect with others in playgroups, but if you'll all set, you're good to go). Once you are a PRAM playgroup, all that is required from your group is to occasionally (like once every 6-12 months) provide snacks at an event or provide some volunteer help for an event. The FieldHouse is located in Point Richmond at 110 E. Richmond Ave. and you can get some information online at Diane

April 2004

RE: Looking at Marina Bay in Richmond

PRAM -- Point Richmond Association of Moms. It is a great volunteer run organization based in Pt. Richmond and I would highly suggest contacting them for information on schools, playgroups and support!!!