Over 60 Health Center


3260 Sacramento Street (@ Alcatraz Avenue) Berkeley, CA 94702

LifeLong Over 60 Health Center has approximately 15 medical providers and several mental health and support professionals. We see over 1,800 patients each month.

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Jan 2010

RE: Need a new doctor for my elderly mom

Have you looked into the Over 60 Health Center in Berkeley, they specialize in working with seniors and offer amazing care.

April 2008

RE: Patient GP for elderly mom

I have been so impressed with the care my mother has received from the doctors at the Over60 Clinic. They really understand how to take care of older folks, and they are enthusiastic about it too. While my mom was in Alta Bates for a few weeks last fall, I got to meet a number of Over 60 docs doing rounds there. They were all kind, had time to talk and listen, and really gave her such excellent attention and care.

June 2007

RE: Doctor who makes house calls for elderly woman?

We have been happy with THE OVER 60 CLINIC here in Berkeley. They have been helping us with my 96 year old MIL for about 11 years now. They have been great with ideas & resourses. A nurse comes once a month to check her. (Not a Doctor though) The nurse does a full check includeing blood samples. Those results lead to vitamin & fluid adjustments and we have a frail but very healthy old gal due to the careful monitering.

They have reffered us to home bath givers, hair stylists, wheel chair & equiptment,.....plus, with the nurse coming here so often.....she gives us pointers to make it better all the time. The office there made the $ part really easy for us. Also, we have phoned our nurse directly a few times and she came right over.

For Doctors, I don't know if they do make house calls but you should ask them.

July 2003

Re: Physician for elderly mom
Hello - I work for Lifelong Medical (finance dept) which has two geriatric clinics - the Over 60 clinics in Berkeley and in Oakland. I am sorry you are having such trouble finding a physician for your mother. It sounded like you were closer to Berkeley so I would recommend the Over 60 Health Center in Berkeley (3260 Sacramento). It has wonderful doctors who specialize in working with the elderly and I am almost positive they are taking new patients. Dr. Jacqui Richter & Dr. Floyd Huen are wonderful - I am sure the other doctors are as well.

If interested call member services at 704-6010 (they register new patients) and they can sign you up and make an appointment for you. The best of luck to you! Anonymous