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We had a wonderful multi-year experience with Orthoworks in Hercules. It is not as far as it seems because we scheduled all appointments for Saturday mornings when there is no traffic. If you do not have insurance, they may be able to negotiate with you on the price. Basically our 5 years with Orthworks had the $6000 total cost spread out monthly with no interest (downpayment and then $100 per month). I feel it was completely worth the cost and Orthworks has a great, caring, professional staff.

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I recently got my braces off, and had all my adult teeth. I bought DeltaDental's private insurance option, the cheapest California plan, and ended up paying $2500 for my braces(including retainers), plus $120 for the insurance. We went with Orthoworks in Hercules (but they have offices all over), and I was very pleased. They offered interest free financing, and we paid them monthly until the bill was paid. I had your basic brackets and wires, and now have an invisalign top retainer, and a classic bottom retainer. 

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Dec 2012

RE: Orthodontist Berkeley or north to Pinole

My daughter has had various orthodontia for 3 years (almost done, yeah!), and we've been really happy with Orthoworks in Hercules. We live in El Cerrito but they have Saturday morning appointments which we get to in less than 10 minutes. Since you will have to go in every 5 weeks, getting in and out fast, not disrupting work or school, and free parking, will be pluses. They have financial plans that make the cost about the same with or without insurance. The doctor and the staff are really nice and easy to work with and the office is clean and efficient. good luck

Sept 2009

RE: Experienced yet affordable orthodontist needed

My daughter and I have been very pleased with Orthoworks in Hercules (www.orthoworks.com). I never would have considered Hercules but my insurance sent us there, even though not much was covered. There is no traffic at all for Saturday morning appointments. My daughter has a lot of work scheduled over a four year plan for about $3300; the downpayment was $1100. The orthodontist, the techs and the office staff (all women) are very nice and their work seems totally fine. -- a mom