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My girls swam for Orinda Park Pool (OPP) for many years (13 and 10 years respectively). We live in North Berkeley and loved that it was 10+ degrees warmer there. Foggy in Berkeley but sunny there! The pool membership and swim team is geographically diverse (Orinda, Berkeley, Oakland...). It’s a Spring and Summer program. For a year-round program, consider Orinda Aquatics. 

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Feb 2013

RE: Swim teams in Orinda or Lafayette

Orinda Park Pool (OPP) is beautiful. Probably the most expensive of the ones you mentioned - memberships are sold based on a waiting list and are substantially more expensive than at Moraga Valley Pool. Last I checked it was about the cost of a year of dues for the membership itself. I know several families there and they love it - a very tight knit club. Some people like to join the pool that is closest to their elementary school and others think its better to mix it up. I know I have written a novel here, but feel free to get my e-mail address from the moderator if you have more questions. Swim fast!

Experience at Orinda Park Pool?

March 2007

Has anyone had experience at the Orinda Park Pool? We are thinking of joining but don't know much about it. Are the facilities good for a 1 1/2 and a four year old? How crowded does it get during the summer? Were members generally friendly and welcoming? Thanks for any advice or thoughts you can offer. Maggie

My children are now 3.0 and 5.5, and we've been members of OPP for 2 years. First of all, taking non-swimming children to any pool, especially if they are in diapers or need help changing/dressing, is a challenge. Given that, OPP is a fabulous place for young children, especially now that the pool has been renovated. There are very gently sloping sides or easy stairs around most of the pool, and the ''baby pool'', which is really just a large area for non-swimmers, is great. At its middle it is 3 feet deep, not great for kids until about age 3, but there is lots of other space in the toddler area for the youngest kids.

On hot days and on the weekend it can get crowded. But we've often been there with the pool to ourselves, especially after early August when the swim team season finishes up and kids go off on vacation before going back to school. It has definitely not been too crowded for us.

I have not made good friends there, but families there are very friendly, especially the moms hanging out around the ''baby pool''. The pool community is organized around the swim team. I think when my kids are old enough for swim team (and they can join the Little Stingers as early as age 4 or 5) we will meet a lot more people.

I definitely recommend OPP! I can't wait until the season starts. Liz O.

We've been members of OPP for about four years, come over the hill from Berkeley, and have been pretty happy with it. People are friendly, the snack bar has gotten more healthy, the pool is great and the weather warm. A few things we didn't know before joining: OPP is very focused on the swim team (as most of the pools in Lamorinda are), and closes at times for swim meets. There are funny ''adult only'' swim times (15 or 30 minutes on each hour, and rules about non-swimmers that you might want to check on having two little ones. However, the lifeguards and staff are super responsible and nice. There are swim lessons too, which are free for non-swimmers. See you there. Can't wait for the season to start

June 2003

RE: Family swim club in Lamorinda?

We recently became members at The Orinda Park Pool. It is perfect for our family. It is in a beautiful (but not fancy) setting. The pool has a large area designated for toddlers and beginning swimmers. Our two kids are taking lessons in small classes (3 kids max) from really talented, energetic swim coaches. OPP is a very laid-back, friendly place. It is just a pool, with a ping pong table, 1/2 basketball court, sandpit for volleyball, grills and picnic tables. There are few amenities (i.e. you bring your own towels). Everytime we leave the pool, we marvel at our good luck in discovering it. We rave about it all the time. Go for a visit. Happy at OPP

March 2003

RE: Pool near Albany for recreational swimming

Check out the Orinda Park Pool. The pool has sloping sides so it's got a lot of shallow water. The water is warm, toys are ok, but floatation devices are not. There is a separate toddler area. I'm a Masters swimmer and I think OPP is too warm for a workout. You have to purchase a membership and pay annual dues so this might be more of a commitment than you were looking for. You can sell the membership when you want to give up membership, in fact I think OPP sells it for you. We go from N. Berkeley over the hill and down Lomas Contadas to the pool in about 20 minutes.