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  • Experience with Wonderschool Network?

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    Hi Parents,

    Does anyone have experience with the Wonderschool network of daycares that they can share?


    I do. I moved to the Berkeley/East Bay area the weekend after thanksgiving for job training and was desperately looking for full-time care for my then 15-month-old Tot. As accommodating as some of these caretakers come off, be very cautious. I understand there are very long waitlists for most daycare in the SF/Bay area. While there are some amazing teachers and care takers out there, my experience with the Wonderschool programs as well as the Wonderschool overarching organization has been dismal. 

    My tot attended both Desiree's and Aria's wonderschool and the issues herein are with the program director- Desiree, and not of the other teachers. The reason you will find reviews for Desiree's wonderschool and Aria's wonderschool to be more than 3 stars is mainly due to the attention and care the other teachers put towards the babies and tots. Desiree, on the other hand, may state she has over 12 years of childcare experience, but my first-hand experience falls short of that. 

    While I had stated multiple times and written in the wonderschool paperwork that my son is being raised ovo-lacto vegetarian, she fed him salmon- leading to hives. During pick up he may have been the only child aside from her 5-year-old present and I have found him watching Desiree's daughter play video games or watching TV. There have been instances where broken crayons or very small toys have been left behind from her daughter prior to the start of business hours and in reach of my tot and his young classmates. While I have complained to Desiree each and every time, she has proven to be argumentative and blaming the teachers for not cleaning up or sweeping up after her daughter prior to the start of business hours. There is a lack of developmental toys and activities she provides the teachers-so they do their best with the few flashcards and repeat play items (which are all of her daughter's hand me downs) and there is a major lack of gender-neutral games, toys, and developmental tools at both sites. My son has come home in other kids' clothes even though I've provided changes of clothing (kept there in a dresser).  I strongly do not recommend these programs and Wonderschool themselves have proven to be not helpful. The director should be held accountable as she holds parents accountable to agreements they sign after the several thousands of dollars in fulltime tuition they pay her.  Instead of concentrating on my training in my new position, I was constantly worried about my tot's wellbeing. I have made alternate arrangements after 8 weeks in her programs. But I strongly advise against enrolling your children with Desiree. 

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I was in a similar boat. I would recommend checking out listing on Wonderschool (we had great luck on that one). And, obviously, the BPN subpage that lists daycares with current openings for infants. When we had to switch daycares, I would look at that page every day, and when a new one popped up call immediately before the spot was gone. We also did a hodgepog solution at the beginning, where we found 3 days a week at a wonderschool, and then did 2 days a week with a nannyshare until a full time spot opened up with a daycare. 

Good luck! It's nuts out there.