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The Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center (formerly Oakland Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Center) is a non-profit language and learning center that provides both neuroplasticity-based reading interventions and traditional speech and language therapy. Our educational and speech-language therapists have provided free services to preschool through high school aged children and adolescents since 1983.

Our Center is a philanthropy of the Scottish Rite, a concordant body of the Freemasons, one of 170 Rite Care Centers across the U.S. We are located at Lake Merritt near downtown Oakland.

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RE: Toddler speech therapist ()

Our daughter received speech therapy at the Scottish Rite Temple. They have been providing this service for many years. Excellent

RE: Toddler speech therapist ()

The Scottish Rite center in Oakland had a speech pathology program at one time, as I took my preschool aged son there 15 years ago. They initially told me the wait list was 6 to 12 months long. I put my name down, and then a time slot opened up within a month or two. They were helpful and accepted donations in lieu of payment. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2015

RE: Speech Therapy for 4 Year Old?

My son went to the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland for a speech evaluation several years ago when he was about 6. He ended up not needing speech therapy. The Center offers services for free but there is usually a long waiting list. We put our name on the list anyway, and it was about a year. Then they called after a couple months, so don't be alarmed at the long wait because you might move up the list. They are wonderful and it's free. They do ask for a donation. Good luck. Anon

Sept 2001

RE: Psychologist to access 15-y-old's potential learning disability?

I had my 15 year old tested for language related issues at the Scottish Rite language center in Oakland. They are free and were very helpful. Their test results were subsequently confirmed by others. I don't know if they also do math testing, but , if not, they might be able to give a recommendation or some good advice. I worked with someone named Bonnie Barren who was very helpful. Good luck, Suzanne