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Maia Midwifery & Fertility is located in Seattle and provides remote fertility & family building services for the LGBTQ+ community and solo parents by choice.

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RE: Queer Prenatal Support Groups ()

Check out Maia Midwifery - they have a bunch of online options 

RE: Queer Prenatal Support Groups ()

My wife and I joined a MAIA Midwifery birthing class via Zoom, and continued on with their early parent support group, and are still actively in touch with our cohort 1+ year postpartum. Midwife Liam Kali is extremely experienced and created a wonderful space for us. Locally, BORN Collective is based in SF but has a large East Bay contingent. They're wonderful and we've made some great friends through their meetups, which are both virtual and in-person. Best of luck—and congrats!

RE: Queer Prenatal Support Groups ()

I've had a great experience with Maia Midwifery - they offer support groups for expecting queer parents and new parents (which was great). It's remote and based out of Seattle but there's generally a number of local families.