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More reviews of Janaki Costello, Carol Shattuck-Rice, Alice Elliot, Molly Brannigan and others at Loving Arms Childbirth Services can be found on these pages: Childbirth Prep Classes, Lactation Consultants, and Doula Recommendations.

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Oct 2013

RE: Recent reviews of Birthways childbirth prep class?

I also wanted to do Bradley but it didn't fit in my schedule. My midwife recommended Loving Arms instead of Birthways, and people I know who've done both have preferred Loving Arms. I'm currently taking a Loving Arms class and it's fantastic. It incorporates the Bradley Method and other methods and is very comprehensive in only 8 weeks: http://www.lovingarmschildbirthservices.com/ Expecting & Informed

Dec 2012

RE: Childbirth refresher class

Loving Arms (http://lovingarmschildbirthservices.com/Janaki/Classes.html) in Albany teaches a great refresher course, and if classes are full you may be able to get on a waiting list or arrange for a private session. Heather

May 2009

RE: Birthways vs. Kaiser for childbirth prep class

Try looking at Loving Arms childbirth prep classes . The class is 8 weeks long and includes breastfeeding and newborn care/postpartum. Me and my husband took this series in Spring/Summer 2006 and they were very thorough, interesting and useful. They provide a mix of ideas that they have put together after YEARS in the birth business which gives these classes lots of credibility (in my opinion). These classes definitely lean towards natural childbirth, so if you are interested in learning how to get an epidural as quickly as possible, or scheduling a c-section this series is probably not for you.

Everyone I know who has taken these classes would provide rave reviews.

Contact Janaki Costello for enrollment at (510) 525-1155

By the way, in case you didn't know, she is THE lactation consultant around these parts and teaches a fabulous session on breastfeeding. susie

May 2005

RE: Birthing class for natural labor at Kaiser

Last year I birthed my daughter and she birthed me as a mother...and thanks to the birthing class offered by Loving Arms Doulas (I think that is the name) I had a fabulous NATURAL birth experience with at home labor and in hospital birth. Call Janaki Costello she is listed) for class info. Natural Birth Mama