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You could try Laney's "Gateway to College."

It is a supportive high school for kids who are at risk for not finishing HS.  The teen does have to be reading at an 8th grade level minimum.  They have supportive classes, as well as taking regular college classes at Laney, depending on their academic level.

You could look at enrolling her in ATDP. Deadline could be soon, but she can get credit for work she does there as they offer rigorous and transferable lab science courses. My son had a more flexible school schedule and took a few semesters of physics at Laney College w/ Mr. Nicol grom whom he learned much and whom he respected.

There is a little-known and excellent program called "Gateway to College" that is a high school on the Laney College campus.  It is for kids who are at risk for not completing high school.  Small class size and lots of individual attention.  They end up transitioning to taking college classes at Laney after reaching a certain level in the program.  Here is some info:

Gateway to College Program Eligibility/Requirements

-Gateway to College is targeted to students 16 to 20 years old who have left high school without a diploma OR who are behind in high school credits for age or grade level
-Students must live within Alameda County to be eligible
-Students must have an eighth grade reading level in order to qualify for Gateway to College