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March 2012

RE: Seeking Excellent EMDR Practitioner

I have seen Kathryn Hirt over the years for EMDR and she is excellent. She has advanced training in it, and I see her for EMDR as well as regular talk therapy, and have moved through stuff I just thought you had to deal with for life, and accept as part of a troubled past. I highly recommend Kathryn - whose warmth and compassion as a person and gift as a therapist makes the often grueling process of healing something I now look forward to and enjoy- I laugh as much as I cry in there- and also recommend EMDR to anyone and everyone- it has been life changing. Thanks and best of luck to you! (her contact info: 510-220- 3558, kathryn [at] kathrynhirtmft.com) STW

May 2010

RE: Seeking solid therapist who also does EMDR

Kathryn Hirt,MFT is an excellent therapist all-around who also does EMDR. She is warm, grounded, deeply insightful and her presence alone seems to bring me into an open-ness that really helps me be with myself with more compassion. She works especially well with people who can't access their feelings or who have constantly chattering minds, filled with negative beliefs and attitudes that turn into anxiety and depression and all sorts of other stuff. She's a gift! She has offices in both north Oakland and San Francisco, and while she usually has a waiting list, she is well -worth the wait and you might get lucky and get a spot soon. Best wishes! anon 

Oct 2006

RE: 19-year-old daughter needs guidance & direction

Try Kathryn Hirt. She is fantastic with young adults, and self- proclaims them as a specialty of hers and people she loves working with, and it is evident in her work. She is very real, down-to-earth, and also warm, and sometimes, funny, which really reaches kids that age. She was an incredible help to our son who is 21, helping him find direction in ways that were in tune with who he is. 510-220-3558 is her contact #. Good luck to you and your child! Paul

June 2006

Re: Seeking a therapist
Kathryn Hirt is a therapist I have been seeing for 8 months, and she has been an invaluable support. I have felt skeptical about doing therapy for years because I didn't want someone just to say ''how does that feel?'' repeatedly and a lot of ''mmmm hmmm''s so it took me some time to finally make an appt. Kathryn has helped me immensely. I am seeing her for issues of anxiety and depression, as well as self-esteem, and feel blessed to have found someone who is extremely insightful and astute, but also compassionate, kind and REAL. Down to earth. I'd be happy to tell you more about my experience if you want to contact me, or contact her yourself. Her office is in Piedmont. Her rates are average. I think she also sees couples and is great with women, and I bet would be great with men. Here's her #-510-220-3558. I have gotten so many great referrals from BPN and wanted to share the wealth. Sarah sarah March 2006

For the many people who inquire about psychotherapists, I just wanted to let all of you know of a great resource, an information and referral search tool (an online directory) on the Alameda County Psychological Association's website: http://www.alamedapsych.org/iandr/iandrsearch.php

You can select a psychologist by population served, areas of practice, office location, payment method, etc. The psychologists listed are all fully licensed by the Board of Psychology and are members of the California Psychological Association. Of course, you can also call for a referral at 510- 433-9580, but I find that many people like the convenience of an online directory. Good luck. M.K.

August 2006

RE: Female massage therapist

Try Kathryn Hirt. Fantastic, strong, HEALING massage. Got out the kinks so I could move again and I left feeling like I'd been on another (very relaxing) planet. Great stuff. Does outcalls to you or you can go to her, rates are good too. Try the Deep Tissue work! 510-220-3558. You will love her! :) Relaxed At Last

May 2006

Try Kathryn Hirt, my massage therapist. She's an excellent massage therapist and I can say is unbiased about body size as I am a large man myself. Her rates are reasonable too, and she's in Piedmont area in a garden studio which is lovely. I would recommend you get Deep Tissue work if you're heavy, since you will feel the work more than a lighter touch massage. I think she charges a bit more for that but its well worth it. Call her- 510-220-3558. And enjoy.! Paul

April 2006

try Kathryn Hirt. She has a studio in Piedmont off Park Blvd. and her work is excellent. Firm, smooth and integrative feeling somehow. I always leave there feeling reconnected to myself and my body. Her rates are reasonable, pretty average for above-average work. Call her at 510-220-3558. Enjoy your massage! sarah

Feb 2006

I found the best massage therapist in Oakland. Her name is Katherine Hirt and she is fabulous. I have struggled for years to find someone who can be firm and strong with pressure, and also smooth in their style and who is PRESENT. And she is that! Her massage is Swedish, Esalen and Deep Tissue styles and I think she does do outcalls, although I went to her cute studio in Oakland near Piedmont. If you want to treat yourself, she is wonderful. You can reach her at 510-220-3558. Enjoy! Swann