JCC East Bay Baby & Toddler Programs

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JCC East Bay offers two playgroups for children and their parents or caregivers:

  • Perachim (Flowers): Playtime for Toddlers and Caregivers  (12-30 months)
  • Nitzanim (Buds): An Intimate Parent with Baby Group (0-12 months)

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RE: Baby playgroup ()

Both Epworth Church, at the top of Hopkins, and the Berkeley JCC (near the Cheeseboard), have baby groups. Neither require any faith based belief system, and they are both wonderful. Both programs have toddler groups to grow into later as well.

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Jewish play program for 2 year old

Nov 2013

We would love to have our 2 year old in some kind of Jewish play program if there is such a thing. Do we need to be members of a synagogue to sign them up? Are there any Hebrew schools that are not associated with a synagogue or don't require membership? Which programs have your kids loved? We are culturally Jewish: My husband is reform & I am originally from Israel & enjoy the traditions. We are somewhat open to joining a congregation if that's the best way to go but also interested in other options. Any input would be great! Thanks! Miki

I take my daughter to the toddler program at the JCC of the East Bay, the Berkeley location. I think Monika is wonderful, and everyone is welcome regardless of affiliation. There are two of us Israeli moms in the group right now. They also have programs for older kids, http://www.jcceastbay.org/preschool/#.UnCJZST_TJM. I've heard good things about their preschool. Merav