JCC East Bay

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The Jewish Community Center of the East Bay serves a diverse community and people with various points of view. We provide space for civic discourse, offering opportunities to talk across differences, discover shared values, and establish respectful engagement. 

Located in Berkeley at 1414 Walnut Street, JCC East Bay operates a preschool, summer camp, after school programs in Berkeley and Oakland, and hosts a diverse array of events for families in the East Bay.

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Parent Reviews

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Our daughter attends the JCC East Bay preschool and we love it.  The day we walked in for the tour, we were blown away by the creativity of the school. It was a scorcher - the kids were playing in water with ice blocks and having a blast.  The play yard features a huge sand box, water feature for hot days, swings, monkey bars, crash pads, outdoor kitchen and so many fun toys.  The garden is for the chickens, veggies and puddle jumping.  They get dirty :) The classrooms are large with lots of space to build, discover, and every day is a new tuff tray of wonders.  The teachers are incredible - engaged, smart, filled with love and empathy.  The engagement level is high and we see the difference.  The Director, Nicole, is very communicative and works hard to support the families, teachers and grow the program.  The JCC preschool program also has the added component of an Inclusion Specialist, Cara Dressler, who works to support the faculty and families who have children with special rights. Cara is a real asset to the program and her skill set is much needed.  I cannot recommend the JCC preschool enough.