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  • Has anyone used Jasmine Swinson as their midwife? What was your experience like? I'm due in October and planning to deliver at Alta Bates.

    I'm also due in October and using Jasmine and Aimée Tom. Obviously, I don't have experience with birthing with her yet, but so far, I'm really enjoying working with her for prenatals. It feels to me like she is knowledge and I always feel very respected and listened to.

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I delivered at Alta Bates with Jasmine Swinson, CMN at the end of 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jasmine supported me every step of the way through my delivery!

I transferred my care to Jasmine in mid pregnancy out of frustration with the large medical system/OB practice I was previously with, which was not conducting in-person visits until the third trimester during lockdown. 

At each prenatal visit Jasmine was not only took the time to ask questions and examine me and my baby, but she also allowed my partner to be present. Furthermore, the way she runs her practice she always invited my partner to be a part of the visits (and birth) by asking questions, and providing us both with the most current information. 

Jasmine helped us create birth preferences, and provided literature and research to help inform my choices. She always discussed risks and benefits of any medical interventions, and remained supportive of my preferences while safely, and expertly helping guide my child into the world. 

Jasmine is calm, supportive, and joyful! I truly could not have asked for a better midwifery care, or a more supportive birth experience. 

Not what you asked for, so please feel free to disregard, but I had a great experience with my CNMs Aimee Tom and Jasmine Swinson in 2019/2020. I really didn't like my OB so went looking elsewhere, too. I really didn't want a non-medically credentialed midwife, and both women are nurses with a long history of nursing practice. I really appreciated the length of my appointments, email communication, etc. When I developed complications they were great and said they had a lot of experience co-managing things like pre-e (like me), gestational diabetes, and others.