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Janet Stephens
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I’m a former middle school teacher who loves helping kids develop mathematical reasoning. I’m also a professional writer–I’ve been a technical writer and a grant writer–and I’ve helped college students and other young people improve their writing. My formal education? I’ve got a degree in English from Stanford and an M.A. from U.C. Berkeley. I earned my teaching credential at Mills College. I'd love the opportunity to speak with you about helping your child succeed academically.

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We were in a very similar place last summer (our son is now a 9th grader).  I wasn't able to find an appropriate summer class for him so I decided to continue on with our tutor that we had just started with earlier that spring, Janet Stephens.  She was working with our son on pre-algebra over the spring but she also works with students to strengthen their reading and writing.  So they continued meeting almost weekly over the summer but focused more on language arts:  he read a book, they discussed it, and they worked on short writing assignments.  In August, they picked up math so that he was ready for Algebra on day 1.

He has been seeing Janet throughout this school year on a weekly basis, and we will continue to do so thru the summer, and probably 10th grade.  In addition to math and English, Janet has also helped him with a few of the more challenging Biology topics.  Finally, Janet has been wonderful in helping him to improve his organizational skills, especially with assisting him to plan ahead as he juggles schoolwork and a pretty intense athletic schedule.  And as a parent, I greatly appreciate that she provides weekly feedback on what they are working on.

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