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Inspire Behavioral Learning, LLC believes that to inspire learning is to inspire action! We do this by engaging and motivating learners with lessons that are relevant to their entire lives. We provide academic tutoring, camps, and ABA therapy for children, teens, and adults.

Online and healthy and safe in-person services:

  • Call of the Wild school break camps: hike, read, and write!
  • PreK-12 English and ESL tutoring 1:1 and small groups
  • PreK-6 multiple subjects tutoring (English, math, enrichment)
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for autism and ADHD​

We guide learners to master and apply communication and social skills, executive functioning, and more! We promote a love of learning in academics and in life beyond the classroom.

Parent Reviews

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My child attended the Call of the Wild Camp from Inspire Behavioral Learning and loved it! He attended over the summer and this winter, and he definitely wants to go again. This winter, we were impressed by how they pulled off an outdoor camp even when it rained some days. The camp leader, Kelly, is helpful with communication before camp regarding safety and comfort with hiking gear and clothing, including for wet weather. I like how they still had plenty of time for dry weather activities like reading nature books and journaling. My son loved an animal book series they had at camp and asked me to get it for him. He also loved a tree the kids could climb through and all the play and exploration. He had a lot of fun playing and learning outdoors, and we are thankful we found such a great camp!

​​​​​​I signed up my high-energy 7 year old for the Inspire Behavioral Learning's Call of the Wild summer camp offering for four weeks at the Joaquin Miller location and it was perfect, especially during the pandemic. The academic context in an outdoor setting in a variety of locations was ideal for us. We were honestly happy that Call of the Wild had availability, but the all-outdoor setting plus play-based reading/writing aspect was a welcome bonus we didn't ask for.

It took time for my kid to build his endurance, but by the end of his 4th week of camp, he started reading on his own more frequently and his reading skills have really improved. He recently confidently read to me whereas he used to be self-conscious reading out loud. Also, we went hiking one weekend and he guided us to the "tree fort" area. We were really impressed he remembered the route and he definitely seemed to have fond memories playing in the trees.

Highly recommended summer camp!

I would definitely recommend Inspire Behavioral Learning for tutoring. We started with Kelly when she was the only tutor, and then our son got tutoring from a few of their other tutors, too. They have all been fantastic. Reading and writing were our son's least favorite subjects, and now he enjoys it! He said he likes writing, and he shares his work with us. They do a lot of activities and make the learning fun. They work on homework, too. It's a great mix of extra work they bring plus helping him stay on track with school. They handled the COVID-19 situation really well, switching to online in a way that we were surprised to see really worked, and when we switched back to in person, they have been really careful about safety, like wearing masks and cleaning. We were skeptical about whether our son would wear a mask or if they could get him to pay attention to the Zoom classes longer than a few minutes, but he is doing it! We are so happy to have them.