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Nov 10, 2010

Does anyone know of a mothers group in San Francisco that I could join? I was thinking of joining Golden Gate Mothers Group, since I live in SF, but after comments I've read in a few articles about being for the 'high-income demographic' I am realizing I need a moderate income demographic group They also state that there is a 75.00 fee to join? Is it worth it? The babble article is below Anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you, Moms Mom in SF

I always joked that GGMG was for Gucci moms in high heels. However, the group I ended up with was super down to earth and very cool. Not poor, but not all rich either, and certainly not flashy. The moms I met were kind, honest, warm friends who scattered here and there for various reasons, but if we were all still in SF, I think I would still enjoy most of them now. Only one has remained a close friend, mainly due to geography. I'd say try it out, you can always switch to another group if you want to, and just avoid the larger events/meetings if they don't interest you (I never went to any of them). Montclair Mommy

I am a member of Golden Gate Mother's Group and for me the $75/years dues are without a doubt definitely worth it. One of the best things about GGMG is that they help put together playgroups of all sorts... by age, neighborhood, language, anything you want. I joined right after my son was born and was put into a playgroup of kids all born in January 2009 and all with stay-at-home moms. My son is now almost 2 and we still meet regularly with the moms/toddlers from the group (even though we have since moved to Oakland).

The forum is also a great source of information... as is BPN of course, but the GGMG forum is a little different (and to me sometimes more helpful) because it is all about kids 0-5 years old, very SF specific (not helpful to me anymore, but was when I was in SF), and it is a live forum so if you have a question you want answered right now you will usually have something within an hour or two. They also have tons of events on their calendar... like free trials of classes around town, and a fun Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt at the zoo, and a party during the summer.

Regarding the Babble Article that you mention, there have been a lot of comments on that on the GGMG forum and the leadership sent out a letter to all of the members more or less saying that the quotes are all entirely out of context and they are looking into getting legal representation to get the article taken down. There are mothers in GGMG from all walks of life... single moms, working moms, stay at home moms, etc. Happy with GGMG!