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I am an Alameda-based tutor with 16 years of experience. I help applicants craft amazing entrance essays, navigate the college (and high school) application process, and produce outstanding test scores. Students who work with me typically gain entrance to reach schools.

I tutor all sections of the ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT, HSTP, and LSAT. I also offer tutoring in writing and math (grades 5+). 

My credentials: 16+ years teaching teens to write great essays and ace tests; BA from Columbia; MA in Literature; teaching credential; 99th percentile on the SAT and LSAT; students I work with regularly receive acceptance to top schools--including Stanford, Harvard, CPS, and Lick-Wilmerding.

Please visit my website and call/email if you have questions. Thanks!

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Cole Filipek was instrumental in helping my daughter with her college essays. Under his guidance, her voice and personality was fully captured in her writing.  Cole is incredibly intelligent -- in an unpretentious way. He is inspirational and encouraging. He was able to connect with my daughter in a way I couldn't (As a parent it can be difficult to be objective!). He is also compassionate, and truly wants to see his students to succeed.   I'm beyond impressed and thankful for Cole's guidance through the college application process - a process that otherwise could have been very stressful.  I highly recommend Cole Filipek as a college essay coach!

I would like to give my sincerest recommendation for Cole Filipek.

He was recommended by another professional tutor, who told me I had to hire him, as ‘he’s simply that good!’

I wasn’t sure my daughter needed him, until he started working with her. What a difference.

He is engaging, bright, and gives the student much insight and encouragement. He does an excellent job of honing in on the students authentic voice and developing around that. He fuels them with brilliant structure ideas, guidance and focus.

We used him for help with student entrance essays to high school and the ISEE exam. 

He is excellent to work with as a parent, making himself available around schedules and going above and beyond to ensure we were thoroughly satisfied with his help. You can tell he really cares about his students and their parents!

A total pleasure. We look forward to continue working with him now and over the years.

I highly recommend Cole -- both as a college essay tutor and as a tutor for taking the ACT. 

My daughter Ashley worked with Cole in 2015, and with his coaching her ACT scores improved significantly.  For the ACT, he gave great advice about practice tests, testing strategies, and what to expect in the exam and exam room.   With regard to college essays, Ashley really connected with him and felt comfortable revising essays and sending them back to him for comments.  One thing I like in particular was that Cole clearly understands the role of a tutor and he does not cross the line in terms of how much to help with an essay.  Sometimes that is tricky to know, even as a parent and I appreciated his commitment to helping each student create his or her own best work.   Ashley is now happily at UCSB which has been a great fit for her.   I know that the time she spent with Cole made a significant difference!

Cole at Filipek Tutoring was an integral part in the success of getting my son accepted to Cal Poly this year. First, Cole worked diligently with my son preparing him for his ACTs, playing up his strengths and focusing in his areas that needed improvement. The steps and detail he took in preparing my son helped him ace the test! Second, Cole’s knowledge and insight with helping craft college essays is a great asset to have, especially with how competitive college acceptance is these days! Having Cole as part of your child’s team as they journey and navigate through college prep and acceptance will help put your mind at ease, knowing you are giving them best you possible can!  Thank you Cole!

Cole worked with both my sons during the summer and fall of their senior years (2015 & 2017) in high school.  He relates very well to kids of that age, they looked forward to working with him, and the results were excellent.  My eldest son was accepted at a number of "reach" schools, I think in large part because of his strong essays.  Cole not only helped with the writing but also choosing topics and working toward a deadline.  I have two more younger kids and will definitely have them work with Cole when they apply to school.

Hi there,

Both my middle and eldest son have worked with the same writing coach, Cole Filipek.  My eldest was quite stressed during the college application process and Cole helped ease a lot of pressure.  He was available, communicative, and he helped my oldest produce quite remarkable essays.  He also works with my middle child whenever he has an essay due for his Core classes.  

As a writing coach and college counselor, I could not recommend someone more highly!

His email and website are [email protected] and

Good luck!