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We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to Alameda County families. We make it easier for families to navigate, advocate, get equitable access to resources – all so their kids with disabilities, development delays or special health care needs get what they need to flourish.

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Hi, sorry to hear your school isn’t very supportive of your children. I would suggest looking up Family Resource Navigators and give them a call! They are a good resource on how you can start the process on getting evaluated. They will most likely send a referal to East Bay Regional Center to start the assessmens/evaluations. Based on the results if your kids need services, they’ll direct you to the public school and then they’ll do their own assessments. The school will then call for an IEP meeting and set goals for your kids. As far as schools, it depends which school you’re closest to and if there’s an opening. I highly suggest calling a DREDF advocate to help with the IEP. They can also come to your IEP meeting. Hope that helps! 

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March 2013

RE: Education Lawyer for special needs kid in Albany

Hello, I'm mom to two special needs children in Oakland, ages 4 and 7. I have found FRN (Family Resource Network) to be of HUGE help in these matters. I suggest talking to one of the parent advocates there before seeking a lawyers' services. They will often help you resolve issues before letting things get that far. I believe the director, Eileen is an Albany parent herself. They will attend IEPs and mediations etc. Their number is 510-547-7322 Lilian