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Evolve adolescent mental health treatment and teen rehab centers, accredited by CARF and The Joint Commission, offer behavioral health care for adolescents 12 to 17 years old struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse.

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Look at Evolve in Danville. They have an IOP that's 5 days per week after school. I think from 3-7 most days, Fridays are shorter. With parent meetings every week as well. Also look at Seneca Family of Agencies. They have a 2 week IOP that's all day. Both of these would need to be recommended by your son's doctor, but if you contact them they can get the ball rolling. Also Kaiser has an abstinence program that is 12 weeks long, 2x per week but you'd have to have Kaiser. 

Hello.  I am sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling.  We are checking my daughter into Paradigm in Malibu tomorrow.  We live in the East Bay and would have taken a spot at San Rafael or Malibu, just wanted first available. I have heard mostly positive feedback about Paradigm.  

This will be our daughter's second residential treatment program. My daughter suffered from suicidal ideation and was placed on 5150 holds multiple times in 2020.  My husband and I became so desperate that we took advice from our daughter's therapist and psychiatrist at the time, and decided to send her to residential treatment. Evolve in Gilroy and Danville had immediate openings and we decided to move forward with Gilroy.  She was miserable the entire time. It was a punitive program and the director and therapist led us to believe that our daughter was the problem and was not cooperating. We eventually brought her home and she was really no better. Our daughter reported that several staff members were mean to her. For example; one told her she would go to hell if she was not a vegetarian and ate animal protein.  She claims a staff member threw food on the floor in the kitchen and then told her to clean it up.  Last week, a social worker from the state of California called me.  Another family has filed a complaint regarding Evolve in Gilroy.  I participated in the interview and shared what my daughter had told us over the past year.  I feel incredibly guilty that we sent my daughter to Evolve. I am hoping by posting our story here, this will help at least one family make a more informed decision than we did.

As far as consultants, my understanding is that they are more useful for therapeutic boarding school or wilderness program placement.

These are difficult decisions.  Best of luck to your family.

I’m sorry that you and your daughter are in this situation. It’s incredibly hard. We had a good experience with Evolve Treatment Centers. They have several locations in CA, including in the Bay Area. Our daughter went in Augora Hills (near LA). Her therapist and the other staff were excellent. They now have more programs in the Bay Area, including outpatient programs that she could transition to after residential. 
Evolve took our insurance, but we had to fight for them to continue to cover it after about 3 weeks.