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  • Hello,

    Does anyone have any experience with delivering at Eden Medical Center? My husband and I are thinking about switching to John Muir Medical Center since its closer to our home, but we really like our OB/GYN who practices at Eden Medical Center. We're just not familiar with the facility.  Any advise or recommendation is much appreciated :) 

    I delivered our baby in May 2018 at Eden in Castro Valley and it was a wonderful experience! Everyone at the Labor and Delivery department is extremely helpful, great at their jobs and it all went really smooth for us. I even quite liked the food that I was served those 2 days :-)

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So sorry you're dealing with this--that's and added stress you definitely don't need right now! 
For what it's worth, I've had both my babies at Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley (a Sutter Health hospital) and love my OBGYN there, Dr. Nguyen. I've also met a bunch of other OBGYNs there and they are all amazing. In my experience, they've been really responsive to messages and phone calls and would usually get back to me within a day. 
With my last baby (who was born this January), we also didn't receive the results of our genetic screening when we thought we would (we did the CA screening program). I messaged my doctor, they followed up with the CA program and had the results within a week. For whatever reason, the results didn't make it into the online system until about 2 months ago (so AFTER the baby was born...), but we were informed of the results over phone as soon as our doc had them. 
Hope you receive your results soon and find a doctor who supports you and makes you feel well cared for!