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Cortica is a leading provider of advanced neurological therapies for children with autism, speech and language delays, sensory processing disorder and other conditions that impact brain development. We offer outstanding in-home, in-clinic and telehealth services that empower families to achieve long-lasting, transformative results.

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You're off to a great start already. We did ESDM with our daughter the first 3 years and liked the program, but there were issues that ESDM was not equipped to address. We have now been working with a company in San Rafael (long drive but worth it to us) called Cortica ( They also approach behavior similarly to ESDM type models (child led, no reinforcers), but I have found them to be a bit more comprehensive. They also offer a range of services under one roof (ABA, neurology, OT, speech, music therapy, and other services to come). I love having one place to schedule with and I love having our clinicians work together. It's not uncommon for our OT, Speech, and ABA to have a co-treating session. I believe they are planning to open an East Bay location in the next year and I know they are in the process of hiring staff for the East Bay region now. I recommend finding the Facebook group East Bay Autism Parents. You can search previous posts and find a wealth of personal recommendations and experiences. My last recommendation would be to think beyond what experts are telling you. We were thrust very quickly into ABA - that was the primary focus of every recommendation. It serves a purpose, but looking back I wish I had focused more on medical interventions OT and Speech. Good luck!