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We, the Cal Quidditch team, are available to be hired to host your Harry-Potter-loving child's quidditch birthday party.  

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  • Cal Quidditch team birthday party?

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    Hi. Has anyone had one of the Cal Quidditch team birthday parties? I'd love to hear if you've been to one or had them come to one, as I'm considering for my soon to be 11 yr old. 


    My daughter attended a Cal Quidditch birthday party last year (7 year old). It was fantastic. The Cal Quidditch team worked really well with the age group, and the kids had a blast. I imagine an older group would get even more out of it. The host borrowed a large chess game from Berkeley Chess (?)and the pieces were almost as large as the kids. 

    The Cal Quittach team hosted a party for my son and were great.  They arrived on time, set up the equipment, played with the kids, and we’re very friendly.  They played other games in addition to quittach.  I thought they were great role models and highly recommend them.

    Yes! We just did a Cal Quidditch birthday party a couple weeks ago for a bunch of 7-8 year olds, and the quidditch team was awesome - I was really impressed with how well they worked with the kids, who ranged from huge Harry Potter fans to not knowing what quidditch was when they started. The Cal team members had boundless energy and enthusiasm, learned all the kids' names, and had a good series of fun drills to teach core quidditch skills. I would absolutely recommend it. Definitely text them if you don't hear back via email - once I remembered that's the best way to reach millennials, they were very responsive. :)

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RE: 8 yo boy birthday party ideas ()

If your son and his friends are into Harry Potter, our favorite 8yo birthday party was hiring the Cal Quidditch team to run a quidditch game for the kids.  They provided all the brooms, hoops, balls, etc., and it was a blast.  This was a few years ago, so I don't know if they still do it, but you can reach them via Facebook at  The Adventure Playground someone else suggested is also a great idea.