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I credit Bay Area Tutoring Center for making a big difference in our son's college options. He has ADD and significant learning disabilities, and his high school grades were only so-so. He requires a much longer time to complete tests than the average kid, and easily loses focus. We applied for and got accommodations for the ACT and we hoped that better test-taking skills would help him demonstrate his true academic abilities on the ACT.  Bay Area Tutoring did an amazing job preparing him for the test over the summer before his senior year. He met one-on-one with Homayoon for math and another teacher for reading and science. Homayoon was honest with us at the outset that, given our son's disabilities, he could not predict how successful his test prep strategy would be for our son. He had done poorly on the practice test Homayoon gave him, mainly because he didn't complete even half of it in the allotted time. But our son said the sessions were useful and he stuck with it. With the tutoring and the accommodations, he ended up scoring above 90% in science and English and he got respectable scores in the other areas, which made him a much more attractive candidate to colleges than he would have been otherwise.

RE: Math Help for 7th Grader ()

We have used Bay Area Tutoring Center on Rose Street in Berkeley across from CVS. They have excellent tutors! Email is the best way to contact them. Google and contact via website. Good luck and it’s never too late! 

RE: ACT Prep Tutors ()

My son has been studying for the ACT with the Bay Area Tutoring Center in Berkeley. They offer 1:1 or small group classes. My son likes his tutors and feels they're helpful. We'll see if his score improves when he retakes the ACT next month!

RE: SAT and ACT preparation ()

i can't say enough about Bay Area Tutoring Center on Rose/Shattuck, across the street from CVS. Homayoon is a genius preparing kids for the math portion of the SAT and ACT.  He helped both of my kids and their scores increased significantly.  He has staff who cover the english/writing portions of the tests.  Good luck!

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Sept 2011

RE: Math tutor for dyslexic teen

I cannot recommend Bay Area Tutoring Center more highly. Their tutors train for 6 months before being allowed to tutor. They are personable, warm, and truly individualize their attention. They cover many subjects, but each tutor specializes in a content area. They are teen friendly, have snacks, and make sure your teen feels at home. It is a well-run center, and everyone should know about them. Plus, their prices are much lower than other private tutors. They are located on Rose at Shattuck (although the address is Shattuck) across from CVS. Call them today because they will fill up!!! They have discounts for several sessions. The phone number is 510-849-2700. my kids needed math support


To the parent looking for a math tutor. My daughter has gone to the Tutoring Center (on Dwight Way) with Hamayoon as her tutor. She really liked him and felt he was very helpful. He was pretty flexible in when he could see her, more often as finals approached, etc. At first I was dubious since he works with a few students simultaneously but he seems to have it under control. My daughter likes the social atmosphere. Good luck. karen

I highly recommend the Tutoring Center, 2107 Dwight Way (corner of Shattuck) 849-2700, Homayoon Koushafar, Director. My daughter, who will be a freshman at BHS this fall, started there last October for help with Algebra and will be returning in a few weeks to get a head start on Geometry. I paid $30.00 an hour when she was going twice a week and $35.00 an hour for once a week.