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Baby Builders is an Oakland, CA clinic providing a wide range of Pediatric and Physical Therapy Services - including TheraSuit® therapy - for children, birth through adolescents, and adults. In addition, we treat children who are at risk for developmental and global delays, including Down syndrome, prematurity, and cerebral palsy, as well as those who fall within the autistic spectrum, or have speech and language challenges or feeding difficulties.

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RE: Pediatric PT ()

Hi- My 6month old son has been going to Baby Builders on Piedmont Ave and seeing the main PT there Graciela. She is fantastic- super knowledgeable and really gentle with him and i learn a lot from her about baby development and how to support him at home. I highly recommend her. Please reach out to me directly if you want to talk more about my experience there. I suggest calling them to make an apt at (510) 388-3664. Also, they take insurance which is great and wasn't the case for some of the PT's I found in my search. good luck! 

RE: Pediatric PT ()

Yes! Graciela Pagano at Baby Builders on Piedmont Ave in Oakland is absolutely wonderful. It is hard to get through on the phone, but send an email and you will get a response. She also bills insurance directly, which is amazing.

Try Baby Builders in Oakland on Piedmont. Gabriela is great and we have had very good experiences with the OT and PT people who worked with our son. Very nice facilities.

good luck!