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Oct 2015

RE: Math tutor near Pt. Richmond for 10 year old

We've been working with Marissa Meyers at the Albany Math Center for the last year and couldn't be happier with the progress my daughter has made and most importantly the confidence she now has when approaching math problems.

There were many math concepts (fractions, some multiplication tables) that my daughter never quite understood in elementary school and it just made it harder for her when she entered middle school. She is now in 7th grade. Marissa is trained in Making Math Real which is what really helped my daughter learn. Wish we had started the math tutoring in 4th or 5th grade but glad we go now. My daughter really enjoys her sessions.

Students do go to her office in Albany. You can email her at albanymathcenter [at] or go on the website happy with math tutor

Oct 2014

RE: Math tutor for 9th grader

Belinda Lesser at Albany Math Center is a fantastic math tutor. You can look at the website or email at albanymathcenter [at]

mom of math student also

Sept 2014

RE: Need math tutor for 5th grader

Sounds like your daughter would benefit from the Making Math Real approach. It was great for my 5th grader who needed extra support in math. We had a wonderful experience with Marissa Meyers who uses Making Math Real strategies in her tutoring. She works with math students at Albany Middle School (so is quite famliar with Common Core Standards) and tutors in the afternoon at the Albany Math Center. You can reach her at (510) 919-0843 or go on their website