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  • 2/9/21: the owner Percy Angress is moving out of state and has closed the business

We're a Yale & Columbia educated husband-wife college admissions team who help students at all levels find their best-fit schools, tell their admissions stories compellingly, and take their best shots at their top choices. We're low-stress, supportive and strategic. ADHD? Dyslexic? Not a problem.

Our clients have been admitted to Stanford, Berkeley, Brown, Columbia, Chicago, UCLA, UCSD and more. We can help you -

• Find the right dream, match and safety schools

• Write standout essays

• Maximize your SAT/ACT scores

• Manage deadlines

• Use Early Action & Decision strategically

• Shine in interviews

• Navigate financial & merit aid so you graduate without excessive debt

• Make a standout college application video

Free initial consultation.

Parent Reviews

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Hi, Stress during the college admission application process is quite normal. We were under similar situation. We took help from Percy and Livia at admissiontix [at] Both of them advised my son professionally to meet his needs for admission. We were very happy with their services. I would highly recommend them. Thanks. SCS

In today's day and age the college admission has become quite cumbersome for parents as well as high school kids.  The whole process is so involved that it is very easy to get lost if you do not have the right guidance from anyone who is quite honest and sincere in directing you to the right path.  Our family got lucky and we feel blessed that we happen to find the perfect individuals Percy and Livia for helping our son get accepted in his first choice "The University of Chicago".  Coming from the family of teachers I have a special regard for anyone who provides you the right and sincere guidance without any self interest.  By working with Percy and Livia I found that in today's world full of all the upheavals, there are individuals still available with right thinking and with all honesty in their minds to help and improve the society in whichever way they can.  Both of them helped my son by going extra miles with respect to their time and efforts in order for my son to achieve his goal.  I personally feel that by their selfless efforts they have created a positive and productive member of the society.  Their mission was to help him succeed rather than personal material gains.  We as a family are highly thankful to both of them and we would like to recommend their services to each and everyone who has to start the arduous journey of college admission process.

My daughter worked with Percy for many months while applying to colleges.  Percy was very knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of my daughters applications and essays.  My daughter applied to every UC from San Diego up to Davis as well as USD and USF.  With the help of Percy (as well as her own academic achievements), she was accepted to all the schools, except for UC Berkeley.  We were very impressed with Percy and all the work he did with our daughter.  We would advise any parent with a child applying to college to use the services that Percy and Livia have to offer.  The provide the whole family with information and help, that make this process easier and more understandable.  I thank Percy for all his help.