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My sons dentist who I trust wholeheartedly recommended he see an orthodontist for possible braces when he was about 8 too. He didn’t provide a specific referral but gave the names of several local orthodontists. I was never suspicious that he was suggesting braces to get a kickback. We ended up choosing Dr. Abar in Pinole and have been very happy with his practice. One of the reasons for starting treatment young is that there is a benefit to correcting the bite while the child’s face is still undergoing rapid growth. My son had an overbite and very crooked crowded teeth. He had 2 phases of braces from age 10-14. He had them taken off right before highshool which worked out well. 

He’s 18 now and just thanked me yesterday for spending all that money on braces. He says  people remark on his perfect teeth all he time. 

RE: Price of Braces for Teen? ()

That price seems a bit high. I had braces as an adult a few years ago and paid about $5000 after insurance which covered $1000. Treatment lasted 2 years and was uncomplicated. I went to Dr Abar in Pinole and was very happy with the service. They also offer interest free financing.

I paid $8000 for my son's braces because he needed 2 phases and started treatment before he had all his adult teeth. His treatment lasted 5 years. 

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Sept 2009

RE: Experienced yet affordable orthodontist needed

Dr. Hoss Abar in Pinole offers several payment plans for orthodontic patients and I know many people who have been able to get braces who normally would not be able to afford the large lump sum of money. 1500 Tara Hills Dr Pinole, CA 94564-2577 (510) 724-4746