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  • Full Service Mover Recommendation

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    We’re looking for movers who will provide packing services for us as we relocate within the East Bay. 
    Any leads and/or recommendations would be helpful! 
    Thank you

    I’ve used Delancey Street Movers to pack and move, and they were so fantastic and affordable.

    Delancy Street Movers did two moves for us, both included packing services. We were completely satisfied with both moves. Everything was packed well. They are located in SF but service the entire bay area. Good Luck.

    We used Sweet Lemon moving company to pack us up and move us from SF to Oakland last year. Super friendly, efficient, and nothing broken!

  • Moving Companies in the East Bay

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    Hello, I was looking to get recommendations for moving companies in the East Bay (moving from Richmond to Berkeley). Thanks in advance!

    I highly recommend Delancey Street Movers. We moved within the east bay and had them do the packing for us in addition to moving, and it was affordable (costing us less than their very reasonable estimate) and they were fantastic. As a bonus, it’s a nonprofit with a mission we value.

    Hello! We recently moved house with  California Movers (from reading google reviews) and with Nadir and his team had a fantastic experience. 
    good luck!

    We used Route 66 over the summer to move to Sacramento, and they were really efficient. They mostly do Bay Area moves. 

    We just moved and used Sweet Lemon Movers. They were great and everything went super smoothly. They had a FaceTime call before the move to see how much stuff we had in order to make an informed estimate. They were punctual and professional. They even moved a piano for a small additional fee. I highly recommend and would higher them again. (800) 619-5724

  • Hi, 

    I am looking for some recommendations if a service like this exists. Our rental had a water leak in the recent storms followed by mold growth and while our landlords are in a process of repair and remediation, everything takes a long time with the holidays and we are likely looking to move out our stuff so it does not collect more mold spores. We are currently symptomatic if we spend time in the house so are unable to pack anything ourselves. Is there a service that would clean/pack/move an entire house in a situation like this? We definitely would want folks who are prepared with good masks and respirators though we understand that many folks might not be sensitive to it. Has anyone been thru this and has any other advice to offer? 

    Check with Sweet Lemon moving.  They did the same for us a couple years ago, completely in one day, and the price was right.  My skeptical wife was over-the-moon happy.  Priceless.

    I don't have a specific company to recommend, but I'd suggest looking at companies that handle cleanup after flood or fire - they are probably equipped to deal with water damage and mold and often have to pack everything up and move it out before cleanup can begin.

    We used Anderson Group International out of San Jose when we had a mold remediation. They can definitely pack up your belongings for you if requested. They can also make recommendations on who to use for appropriate cleaning of the items or clean them for you (obviously for a cost). They were amazing!

  • HI, I am looking for someone to help move stuff, furniture, etc preferably local, and need probably two people. I am having work done in my house and  need everything moved out. Plus any recommendations for pod type storage.

    We are planning for an upcoming cross country move back east from Oakland and are working with Upack. Move has not happened yet but they have been very easy to work with so far on the customer service and planning front and they had great reviews from reliable sources. We currently looking for cube packers, so please let me know if you find anyone good?


  • Movers for a smallish job

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    Looking for recommendations for efficient movers with a low minimum.  I'm moving back to Oakland with a pod, and need movers who can unload most of the items into the (2 bedroom, sparsely furnished) house and move a few items to a nearby storage unit.  I anticipate the unloading taking 3 hours or less, so I would prefer a company with a low fixed/dispatch cost and a low minimum.  Looking for someone generally responsible who will assemble our bed correctly, but since it's just unloading a pod they don't have to be brilliant experts at packing delicate objects or anything.  

    We used ADHD Movers twice. They were super reasonable, pleasant, and fast. You can check them out on Yelp.

    We’ve used Tibetan Movers for small jobs - we have even had them pickup and deliver a single piece of furniture for us. They were affordable and provided a price over the phone. We highly recommend.

    Hi! We used Up and Up Movers ( for a similar move, just loading up our 2BR into a POD. They were great! We hired two movers and they were really efficient, communicated well, and had a good base rate for 3 hours of labor - I think it was $300+tip. It's cooperatively owned and they brought extra supplies that we ended up needing, so it saved us another trip to pick up packing materials. It was honestly the best company I've worked with after too many moves in the Bay Area to count. They only have 5-star reviews on Yelp as well, I highly recommend them!

    When we moved 10 years ago, we hired Oasis Moving, and it's still good business. The 6 movers that came were very fast, efficient, and (in spite of how many things my family had) always kept up their good sense of humor. Movers insisted on carefully wrapping even the oldest furniture in cellophane. From reviews, I see that they're taking all COVID precautions.  

  • Hi, Any updated recommendations for movers who will tackle a Berkeley Hills house with many stairs leading to the front door?  Thanks!

    I've used Gentle Giants many times for moves, and they have no fear of steps (and some actually love it...). One move was 27 uneven steps to the front door, and the most awkward and heavy items they moved were our king sized bed+motorized base, elliptical, and a sectional couch. Another move was out of the attic of a 100+ year old Victorian (I forget the stairs count, but it was basically the 3rd floor) into a tri-level loft. We had them running all day long.. The guys are really professional, show up on time, get to work right away, and some are athletes and do this as a side gig so they are very strong and treat this as a paid workout. They also have women movers, yes, ladies, and don't underestimate them, they are ALL amazing.

    We had very good luck with Lemon Family Movers earlier this year

    I recommend Sweet Lemon Moving Services! They helped us move into the Berkeley Hills as well, 3-story home (so lots of stairs here too)!

  • Moving companies going up Grizzly Peak

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    Any recommendations for movers who will go up Grizzly Peak? Any advice or thoughts about the best way to move to a house through all those turns and hills would be great. Thanks!

    Any of the movers with a local-sized truck can handle it.  When we moved up from 1000 Oaks, we used Stu Miller and recommended he come up Spruce.  Euclid also works.  Heck, the AC Transit FX used to run a transbay bus on the street.  Maybe still does. 

    I recommend talking to Sierra Sherpas. They're the most realistic, responsible, intelligent, and sensible movers I've ever hired, and they specialize in tricky access situations. I'd guess they can probably help you. But even if they can't do it themselves, they'll have solid advice about how you should proceed. They're based in SF; owner is Orion Buxton.


  • Local mover recommendations

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    Hello! We are looking for recommendations for local movers for a household move from the East Bay to Marin. Any insight on local companies/services is appreciated. Thank you!

    I used Big Family Movers, they take care to make it all go smoothly. One time something broke and even though it wasn't their fault, they fixed it. Going the extra mile every time

    I used Sweet Lemon moving service last year, and they were great. Colleague had used them and referred me to them. 

    We have now used Lulu's Hauling twice ( most recently this past weekend and found them to be excellent both times. The movers are experienced, efficient and very attentive and careful at the same time. They've taken good care of our furniture while at the same time working hard to make their services as cost effective as possible (ie, working quickly). I would highly recommend them.

    We’ve used Big Family movers multiple times. They’re great. 

    Newton's Hauling and Moving, local and based in Albany.  (510) 682-6369

    On time, professional and capable.  Also, super nice people!  They moved our items efficiently and carefully, without rushing and at a reasonable cost.  The owner, Newton, was there too, coordinating and moving items.  Highly recommend!

  • Moving furniture within household?

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    Hi, I need to hire a couple of strong people to help me move some furniture within my home. I don't need a big truck, just a couple of big guys who will be careful with my stuff. Are there services that do this? Any personal recommendation? Thanks!

    We've used this service and it works great!

    Task rabbit is great for this kind of thing.

    I recently moved back to Berkeley from out of state and my husband drove our truck of furniture.  We hired LuLu's Hauling and could not be happier.

    Lugg! Do a google search for "Lugg".  It's like Uber for movers. I just used it for the first time to pick up some furniture to take it to my house, and it was easy. I understand they will also move stuff within your house. Or else you can join Next Door and post a request to your neighborhood to pay someone $20 or so to move some furniture. 

    We used Lugg for this purpose, an app designed for accessing movers from house to house or from stores to home. I also used them for moving some furniture around in my house. You simply select the smallest truck option and put pick-up and delivery locations as the same place. I think the base rate for the smallest truck was about $30, and then you pay according to how much time it takes them. (I accessed them from my phone; not sure if you can do it from a computer.)

    I've used TaskRabbit -

Archived Q&A and Reviews


Moving stuff out of storage facility

Aug 2014

I need strong movers with large truck or van to move from storage facility to my house in Albany within the next 2 weeks. Does anyone have a recommendation for me? I am trying to save a bit of money and rather not go through a large moving co. My storage unit items include boxes, furniture. Thanks!

We just had a great experience with All Together Moving ( They charged $90.00/hour with a 3-hour minimum along with the standard mileage fees ($1.00 per mile, double mileage). Rob and Danny were young, strong guys who were very careful with our furniture. The were able to pack the truck with great expertise- fit everything in well utilizing the space to its full capacity (16 ft. truck). The guys were very accommodating and did not complain at all throughout the move. Loved the Stress-Free Move

We've used Jay's Small Moves before and had excellent, predictable service: kb

Moving furniture from the Peninsula to Berkeley

Oct 2013

Dear BPN'ers, We need to to move furniture, pictures, etc. from my in-laws on the Peninsula to our house in Berkeley. This is not a whole house move but does involve several pieces of large furniture: sofa, kitchen table and chairs, hutch, some outdoor furniture, etc. My husband's temptation is to get a u-haul and do it ourselves but I am feeling like we've been there and done that (too many times!)

Does anyone have recommendations for movers who do this kind of modest move? And does this count as a local move?

Thanks in advance for your help. Berkeley daughter in law

We've used Lulu's Hauling twice. We have recommended them to several friends that have used them as well. They are fast and efficient and great to work with. Not sure about what constitutes 'local' but Dennis (owner) will tell you. He was pretty responsive. RY

I highly recommend Rick Herrera. He's professional, courteous, and reasonably-priced. I've used him for several small moves and I love working with him! He can be reached at rickherrera14 [at] or 510- 681-7291. Good luck! Kirsten

Local mover reasonably priced, reasonably careful

Feb 2013

We're moving to San Francisco in a couple of months and need a mover. We don't have too much stuff, but we would like the option to store things in advance of moving day. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, reasonably careful local mover? Moving Out

David DuMolin is a great guy! Great service and a very ethical person! (925) 497-5125

Check out Moovers. They did a local move for us and were great! 1) They arrived on time; 2) they were honest -- charged us significantly less than the estimate when the amount of things to be moved and time required turned out to be less than first thought; 3) were careful and respectful of our belongings. dejackson

Good moving company for local move

Dec 2012

We are moving locally and wanted to ask if anyone could recommend a moving company. We do not have a lot of stuff but will need help. Thanks! A

About 15 years ago, we used Stu Miller's Movers for a entire household local move and were very satisfied. Last spring, we used Jay's Small Moves for a much smaller job, moving small pieces of furniture from our house to a storage unit. I'm sure lots of people will recommend both these movers.

We also used Moovers for a cross-country move and they were absolutely great - they came in with the most reasonable quote, were true to their word about moving dates, and extremely professional during and after the move. Moovers does in-state moves in California, so you might consider getting a free estimate from them if your job ends up being bigger than you thought. Moovers also helped pack up some glassware at our work site - they did an efficient job and nothing they packed broke.

If you need help with household packing, I enthusiastically recommend Janna Luther (her mom, Johanna has retired) with Family Packers ( Family Packers helped us with packing our house for the in-town move 10 years ago AND with our most recent out-of-state move, and it was the same great service both time. They are absolutely fabulous, extremely efficient, and very reasonable in price. I'm sure Janna packed the kitchen in one-fourth the time I would've needed to do the same job. They take an amazing inventory of everything they pack, and you can easily find the coffee pot in Box 20 when you need that morning cup in the new house. You can hire Family Packers to pack the entire house, or to just pack the more difficult stuff, like the kitchen, or art and wall hangings. Plus, Janna is so kind, helpful, was willing to stay over to help with additional packing, and CALM. I highly recommend hiring Family Packers to help reduce the stress of moving, especially if you are trying to pack with small kids around and in a way to minimize the impact on a family.

Satisfied Mover

Movers for very small move across town

Nov 2012

In the next month or so, I am going to need to move a bunch of boxes and a few pieces of light furniture across town. This is not a whole house move, and I expect it to take only a couple of hours to complete. I am looking for a 'two workers and a truck' type movers who are bonded, licensed, and so on, to get this done for me. I plant to do all the packing and unpacking myself. Please offer recommendations for me. Thank you. Anon

I would highly recommend Jay's Small Moves. They moved our 2-bedroom home earlier this year from one home to another in Berkeley, and I was so impressed with how they handled every step of the process. Each of our movers was kind, careful, professional, and incredibly hard-working. I always dread the whole moving experience, but this time, I couldn't believe how fast the whole thing went and how easy they made it on us. Their prices are very fair - give them a call. 510.501.5800 or Jo

We used Jay's Small Moves in Spring 2012 and were very happy with the service. 2 hour minimum (some small movers are 3 hour minimum). They were on time, efficient, and 'as advertised'. We paid $95/hour for 2 movers and a $25 fuel surcharge; it took 2 hours to move several heavy pieces of furniture from our home to a storage unit. Jay's Small Moves Office: (415) 999-6795 Mobile: 510-501-5800 Email: SmallMoves [at]
Recently moved

Jay's Small Moves 510-501-5100 They are two guys with a small truck. I have used them to move furniture upstairs and downstairs, switching large area rugs between rooms, and empty a storage unit and bring it to my house/garage sale. I love these guys. They show up, work hard, are polite, and have a two hour minimum. Anything larger scale, I recommend Delancy Street. Good luck with your move
Julia C

Affordable movers for local move?

April 2012

Hi, We're moving from one part of Rockridge to another later this month. We're looking for movers to pack and move our stuff. Thanks for your help. Erika

Call Lulu's Haulers or look them up on Yelp. Dennis is the best. Fast, cheap and never breaks a thing. We have used them three times now. anon

When my moved last summer, we used Jay's Small Moves, and I highly recommend them. They were professional, friendly, amazingly hard-working, very careful with our stuff... and affordable to boot. (No surprises with the bill, either... they estimated a certain amount of time, and that's exactly how long it took them.) They also saved us time getting ready, because they recommended packing methods and a good source of cheap boxes. If you read their Yelp reviews, you can see that a lot of people feel the same way I did. Their web site is Jennifer M

Have you used Lightning Van Lines?

Feb 2012

We're moving and considering using Lightning Van Lines to move us. Has anyone used this company before? What do you think of it? Thanks!

This website was very helpful for me in choosing a mover. Ruth

I have not used Lightening Van Lines, but I have used Delancy Street for 3 different moves around the bay area and I absolutely love them! For all of our moves we were moving about a 2 bedroom house or apartment, they send a 3 man team on our first move and a 4 man team on our additional moves. They are just phenomenal: on time, courteous, and gentle with your items. However they cannot handle/transport alcohol or firearms. Delancy Street is a non-profit organization that provides housing and jobs to folks that really need it. You can read all about them on their website. I adore them and I found their rates reasonable. We also buy our Christmas trees from a Delancy Street lot in Berkeley. Here is their website: Good luck! Mover Maven

Small moving company to help us move across town

Sept 2011

Looking for a recommendation for a small moving company to assist in our move across town. We will do the packing and carrying of boxes. Need help with the furniture and larger items. Does anyone know of a good company that does this? Any experience with Starving Students or some of those guys that hang out on 4th street? Thanks

Give Jay's Small Moves a call. We moved in early July, and Jay and his crew did a terrific job. They showed up exactly on time, correctly estimated how long it would take, worked HARD all day moving our small mountain of stuff, and were cheerful the whole entire time. Nothing was damaged, the price was quite reasonable, and having friendly, skilled help took a lot of stress out of the move. Jay and his crew were great. Jennifer

Need A Reputable Mover for local move

May 2011

We are selling our home in Berkeley and looking for a reputable company for a local move. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. W.H.

I highly recommend corrib movers. We have used them twice now and can't say enough good things about them. They are professional, quick and so pleasant to work with. I don't have their number in front of me but you can find them on yelp. Wendy

Hi, we just hired a group of Irish movers for our move from Berkeley to El Cerrito. The cost of the truck and garmet boxes are included in the price. The hourly rate is based on the number of people per hour. All in all we save a bundle of money from our last move(where I rented a truck separately and hired laborers from Labor Ready agency!). you can contact Shane directly at 415 400 6240- I believe he also can provide a link to the Yelp Reviews of his company ~Vanessa

Earlier Recommendations

Moving locally, have lots of stuff

July 2010

We're moving yet again and are bummed that the mover we had used for the last 2 moves isn't around anymore (or are they - Five Star Movers??). Looking for recommendations - we're only moving locally but still have lots and lots of stuff accumulated! THANKS!

I would use Delancey Street Movers. We have used them for 3 moves now, and they are just outstanding. Extremely professional, deep pride in their work, every minute accounted for and efficient, prompt, courteous, very very careful. Honestly, I don't think it could be possible for anyone else to be better. And they are reasonably priced. We would never think of using anyone else. 415-512-5110 Delancey rocks!

Irish Express! Very professional, very friendly, very quick, VERY reasonable. We had a stellar moving experience using them. The owner is very hands-on and the guys take great pride in their work. Highly recommend Irish Express! recently moved

Help moving heavy and delicate furniture

June 2010

Would love your recommendations on movers - a company you've had a good experience with. Need help moving some heavy furniture, some more fragile pieces, but nothing out of the ordinary. I've used Delancy Street in the past, and had a great experience but they are not available within our timeframe. Thanks! mel

Dan Dubow came to us through the recommendation of a very fastidious friend who used him 3 times in the past. We were VERY happy with him and his professional crew who moved us in the rain a month and a half ago. Since then, he has also moved 2 other friends (contact me if you want to speak with them directly) who have thanked me profusely for the recommendation since he was the cheapest and made their moves go very smoothly. Dan 'the Mover' Dubow W. (510)247-1159 Cell: (510)604-3517 email: danthemover [at] Daphne

My husband and I recently moved with Anderson Bros Movers, and we were very happy with them. They were on time; the rates stayed within their original estimates; the movers were very polite and careful. We did not have anything broken. The movers did scratch some of the walls, but the company gladly reimbursed us for the painting costs. We highly recommend them.

Reasonable mover for local move

March 2010

Nothing too recent in the archives, so thought I'd check for fresh recommendations on reliable, reasonably priced moving companies. We have a 1000 SF house, moving within the East Bay in early May. Thanks! movin' on up

Between 2004 and 2009, I moved about 5 times. I used Delancey street each time except once (Ben's Moving company from Berkeley, based on BPN reviews). After the terrible experience w/ them, I vow to never again use anyone else other than Delancey. Delancey's always on time, don't charge you for the times they're not moving you, are quick and careful with your belongings, and very polite. Some crews are better than others of course, but overall, I love their service. anon

We used Ben's Moving and Trucking, based in Berkeley, for our local move two years ago and thought they were terrific. The guys were professional and really nice. They took good care of our things and were efficient. I would definitely use them again. happy customer

We just moved from Oakland to Alameda a month ago and used Oasis. and they've got a lot of positive reviews on Yelp. You can get an estimate over the phone. They are quick and efficient! JL

Look at Both Delancy Street and Moovers Inc. are highly recommended. We had Moovers Inc come for an estimate this morning and encourage us to use Delancy Street, as most of them started there and credit Delancy for turning around their lives. moving soon

I think this might be one of those categories where there people have posted recently, but the pages haven't yet been updated? In any event, my recommendation is Delancey Street Foundation movers. My husband and I have used them for four moves in the past four years, and we've been quite satisfied each time. The initial phone consultation is very thorough in terms of them explaining what they charge and why, and the actual cost usually ends up being a bit lower than the initial estimate. I did find them a bit more efficient when moving a 3-bedroom house versus a 1-bedroom apartment, but this is because the former garnered us a 4th mover, if I remember correctly. The men doing the moving were courteous and conscientious. We found Delancey Street through the BPN archives, so I'm sure you can find some other recommendations that way. Niki

Moving from Oakland to San Leandro

Jan 2010

We will be moving next month from Oakland to San Leandro and are looking for a moving company that won't rip us off. Can any of you recommend a company you have had good luck with and isn't super expensive? We want to make sure they have a good track record and that we don't have to worry about scams, theft or some of the other horror stories we have heard about. Thanks! Rebecca

Between us, my husband and I have moved around the Bay Area 4 times in the past 4 years (including a move from Oakland to San Leandro, where we currently live -- welcome!). Each time we've used Delancey Street Movers and have been very happy with their conscientious service and their prices. See for information on the Delancey Street Foundation. Niki

Sept 2009

I am looking at a local (?) move from Berkeley to the Clear Lake area. I would need to have a 3 bedroom 2 car garage moved and possibly packed. There are a number of recommendations, especially for Delancy St Movers - but they are all over 2 years old - has anyone had any recent experience with Delancy St Movers or other mover recommendations? cc

I moved about once a year in the last 6 years, the latest this past April. I'd always used Delancey Movers and loved them. This last time, I called them too late and used BPN to find another local moving company, Ben's Movers.

It was a TERRIBLE experience. First is the cost. Delancy movers usually show up early, but they always end up marking the start time as the original appointment time. They don't mark the time that they spend driving (you pay separately for that I think). I could be wrong there. But for sure they don't charge you for the times when they're taking a break! They show you the timeline at the end before you pay. Ben's Movers didn't do any of that. Basically, we ended up paying about $300-$400 dollars more for Ben's Movers for same amount of furniture!

The second are the movers. Delancy people are careful and polite, though some movers are better than others so be sure to ask if you want something done. They wrap anything you want wrapped, they use two people to move heavy furniture. Ben's Movers do this weird carry everything on your back system. They ended up spilling my boxes, marking/gauging both the walls AND my furniture. They broke my potted planter. I'm still discovering things wrong w/ my furniture months later.

From what I heard, the original owner is no longer working there. His son took over and doesn't do the work either. So whatever glowing review that was on BPN doesn't apply anymore.

I guess this turned into a review for Ben's Movers. Basically, I had my nightmare experience w/ them and realized just how good I had it w/ Delancy. Next time I'll make sure I call early! anon

We used Delancy St. Movers last year. They moved our 3/2 household, locally. We could not have been happier with them. They are incredibly professional and courteous. No damage to either house or to any items. They do a great job wrapping up large pieces of furniture to protect them. We will absolutely use them again the next time we move (which hopefully won't be for a LONG time!). I Really Should Get Around to Unpacking...

Help moving furniture from SF to Oakland

August 2009

I'm looking for someone with a truck to help me move a bed, couch, desk & armoire from 2 locations in SF to my home in Oakland during the first week in August. I'd appreciate any recommendations for reliable help. Thanks! Dev

I used the website to find a local mover last month. I had a small move from Oakland to Davis and used Pedro at 415-374-5919. You can check his references out on ( website was started by a former Berkeley resident -- Rio Bennin). Pedro quoted me a firm price and did the job. SueF

Seeking a small local mover

June 2009

I am looking for a good small local mover, just to move some heavy and awkward furniture items in my house. Does anyone know of someone reliable for such a small job? Laura

Ergowiz movers did a great job handling our artwork, books and furnishings when we moved into our new home. They are very experienced, careful to wrap items properly, and hardworking. They can be reached at 510-654-4688 or ergowiz [at] Alexis

Moving to the east Easy Bay

Feb 2009

I am looking for a trustworthy mover to move my family to the east, east bay. Moving

We recently moved from the East Bay to North Bay and were extremely pleased with Ahmed's Moving Express based in San Rafael - (415) 492-2122. They were quick, professional and much cheaper than our previous mover, Johnson & Daly. barry

Berkeley to Berkeley move

May 2008

We need some local movers [a Berkeley to Berkeley move] and, having heard the horror stories, were looking for some recommendations. The recommendations already listed on the BPN are not terribly recent, and I was wondering any one had had some more current ones that they might like to offer. Sally

I had a great experience with The Sultans of Schlep. They were fast, gave me a flat rate and extremely easy to deal with... and nothing was damaged. I also had a good experience with Delancy St. - but they are more of an SF operation. moving sucks!

Stu Miller is just as fabulous as other reviewers claim. Within the last year, he and his talented crew have moved my family once and my 95 year old grandmother twice. He's moved her from one assisted living community to another and then into a nursing home and storage locker. He did so with tremendous sensitivity and grace (these were emotionally fraught moves for someone of her age). After watching his crew prepare our house for a move, I realized that we'd never really had professional movers before Syd, only people who claimed to be professionals. He is prompt, highly professional, kind and just what you would want from your dream moving company. Nothing has ever arrived broken, his team has an entire tool shed in the custom-built truck to facilitate the moving process and they are all really nice guys. Oh, and he's even more picky than we were about safely moving our antique furniture and heirloom piano. Here's his number: (510) 848-9395 Good luck! Laura

June 2007

We just had our third move with Stu Miller. His moving company first began moving me when I was single about 15 years ago. As always, the move went wonderfully. His crew were very mild-mannered, quick, friendly, polite, and sensitive to our situation. They seemed to be enjoying a competitive sport about who could carry the most heavy boxes at once. Now that we have a family, some nice furniture, and tons of stuff it was great to watch everything move so quickly and knowledgeably in one trip in their huge truck.At the end of our herculean project our furniture and home all still looked great and the crew were still smiling. Excellent work! Eric

May 2007

Kudos to Delancey Street Movers
I'd like to give a shout out to Delancey Street for their great service - I really could not have moved without them - and I cannot imagine anyone else being as helpful, funny and un-stressed as they were. I really felt they had my back and were doing everything possible to make my life easier. They had to get a second truck and 2 additional guys and they still came in under budget. They were the greatest and I would trust them with my most prized possessions! Yay Delancey Street! Jennifer

April 2007

So I have decided to use a moving company for our move this summer, and am at a loss as to which moving company to use and how to compare value. Does anyone have any feedback on this issue?

I have used Nor-Cal Moving for two moves now. Ask for Dwight Dunn, he is a consumate professional. They provided me with a not to exceed amount and my move actually ended up being less so they credited me back over $500. I had never had a mover do that. He personally came on the day of the move to assure everything was taken care of and that his guys were handling everything. The team moving me was gracious and very cautious with my things. Their number is 510-357-7111.

When I moved 4 years ago in Berkeley I used Ron Wimberly, 510- 235-3827, recommended in the BPN archives. He was very professional, had a great big truck, and very careful helpers.

Moving from Emeryville to Oakland

March 2007

We are moving from emeryville to oakland and this will be our first time hiring movers. Can anyone recommend a company, tips for hiring movers and general cost? The move is not that large-a 2 bedroom, approx 900 sq ft apt. However, I'm pregnant and cannot help. Plus, we've recently bought new furniture that is heavy and it seems better to hire professionals. I know people have recommended Delancey Street a lot, but I called them and that would be about $400. I am hoping to pay around $200. I'm not sure if that is realistic. Thanks! Mazu

For the person who had a $400 quote from Delancy and wanted something cheaper - there is no situation where ''you get what you pay for'' is more likely to be true. Most moving companies range from unreliable to outright scams.

Someone who gives you a cheaper quote might pack everything up and show up at your new place and refuse to unload the truck unless you fork over more money because you ''had more stuff than they thought.'' Or break things and not pay for them. Or move everything as slowly as possibly to drive up the cost by spending more hours. Or, as happened to us once when we chose based solely on price, simply not show up at all. Read some of the stories at and decide if you want to pay a little bit more for the company that is the gold standard for reliability, honesty and service around here.

Also, Delancy is known for quoting on the high side, so they almost never go over and often come in under the quote.

There are other reputable movers besides Delancy, but the point is that I'd rather pay more up front and know what I am getting than think I am getting a ''good deal'' but have to pay more in the end. Go with a company recommended by people you know and trust.
satisfied Delancy movers customer

I do think the $400 is a fair price for a move. It is very hard work. I worked in the moving business and the thing to keep in mind is that at Delancey Street the workers are given a set of moves for the day and once they are done their day is done. The movers are not paid or allowed to accept tips. All others moving companies the workers are paid by the hour and often move slowly so that the cost goes up. After spending 5 years working for a large corporate moving company I would never use anybody other than Delancey and have used them three times with great success. anon

I would think $400 for a local move would be a pretty good deal. For a short move such as yours, the vast majority of time the movers will spend will be loading/unloading the truck. Super Movers (1-800-668-3160) recently moved us locally. They charged $125 per hour for three men (double time for the driving time which I understand from talking with a number of moving companies is required by law). I thought the price was very reasonable and the movers did a great job. They worked fast and efficiently and nothing was damaged.

Also - be sure to get a binding estimate from whoever you choose to move you. That way you'll be guaranteed that you'll pay absolutely no more than whatever the estimate was. We were told by the guy who came out to do the estimate that if we were prepared (i.e. everything really ready to go on the truck so that the movers didn't have to pack or wait for us to finish) that it would likely take two to three hours less than what he estimated and he was right. Our binding estimate was almost $400 too high - but we knew what our limit was going to be.

As far as tipping the movers: my husband gave them each $35 (for about 7 hours of time (including the double-driving time mentioned above)). Personally, I thought that was generous, but I have NO IDEA what is appropriate. I'll be interested to hear what others do. Good luck with your move!

Jan 2007

Does anyone have recommendations for a moving company? A

Hi, I used this company in 12/05 and they were very pleasant to work with. Two different friends had used them before and had very good experiences as well. When I used them a year ago a woman named Angela was who you contacted on the phone and a man named Peter seemed to be heading up the moving crew. Very polite guys and much more pleasant than I was expecting. Susan

We just moved this summer from the Bay Area to TX. (You didn't say if you need a local or not) We used Bekins after getting estimates from a few of the bigger names. The team we used (out of Burlingame) was very professional, on time, and did a fantastic job. We got to TX, they showed up when they said they would, and all of our things made it, with not one problem. And a month later, I got a credit on my Visa because our weight was less than estimated. Usually you will hear nightmare stories, but this one went well. (And we had them pack our house for us). Good luck - Melissa

We used Seven Bridges movers about two years ago. They were fabulous. I was very happy with every aspect of their service, and all of our furniture and belongings (many of them antiques) came through without a scratch...and our freshly painted house was intact, too. I don't have their number handy, but they are in the phone book.

We used and liked Anderson Bros. in 2002. Very reliable and they came highly recommended to us. Nicole R.

Local mover for a few boxes

October 2006

I am looking for a local mover, reasonably priced who will help us move a few boxes and two pieces of furniture to our new home. We are only moving within Oakland steff

Northstar Movers are honestly THE BEST. Their number is 1-800- 275-7767. They are listed on the Better Business Bureau's ''Gold'' list since they have had no unresolved complaints for 5 or more years. We used them for a small move 4 years ago, and then a large move just 1 month ago. All of the workers are so efficient, respectful and careful with your belongings - we ended up buying them lunch and giving them huge tips because they made the whole moving issue so stressfree :-)

The cost was average - not expensive and not outrageously cheap - but everything made it here in one piece. They have boxes and bubblewrap for items that are hard to wrap or if you don't know how to wrap it (like our 8 foot tall 70 pound mirror). They even moved our 5 foot tall tomato plants and wrapped them in bubble wrap too :-)

I have heard so many nightmare stories about movers stealing items, or changing the delivery prices once all your stuff is in the truck - go with someone who is approves by the BBB - we wholly recommend Northstar Movers. Good Luck! Happily Moved

Moving some furniture upstairs

October 2006

We need a couple of strong guys (or gals) to move some awkwardly large pieces of antique furniture to our new upstairs apt. next month. Most recommendations are old ('05 most current) and so I'd like to put this subject out there once more. Does anyone have a more recent experience that they'd like to share? Good, bad, we want to hear it all before we sign on the dotted line! [specifically, anyone used Strong, Young Movers??]
Do it ourselves? Not this time!

We have used Delancey Street Movers three times in the last three years. One very big move and two small moves. We were happy with them each time and so were our friends who used them. Delancey's number is 415-512-5110

I recently used 5 Star Movers to my 3rd flr apt in Emeryville with antiques and they did a great, quick, and reasonably priced job! Craig Gillam is the owner at 877-408-9500

We really, really recommend Ben's Moving & Trucking, which is local company out of Berkeley. We used them for 2 moves, and both times the movers were really nice and efficient. We had a quick close on the house we just moved into and unfortunately neither Ben's, our first choice, nor Delancy were available and we went with a big name company. It was NOT a good experience and later we said had we known, we would've changed the close date to date that Ben's was available. They also have folks available if you just need help moving heavy furniture around in your house. The website is: anon

Reasonably priced local mover

September 2006

I am looking for a recommendation for a reasonably priced, local mover. We are moving just within Oakland and looking for a reasanalbly priced mover who will move our prepacked boxes steff

We're moving from Oakland to El Cerrito, and we need to find reliable, relatively inexpensive local movers. Many of the recommendations on the website seem rather old, so I wanted to see if anyone had moved locally recently. Any recommendations? Thanks! Jennifer

I would like to give the strongest possible recommendation to Ben's Movers--a small, local family-owned business. They are flexible, reasonable, incredibly careful and good-humored, efficient...need I go on? Did a huge move for us in pouring rain, kept us laughing, nothing got wet or broken. Finished well under their estimated time. I've recommended them to several friends, and all had the same experience. 510.540.1991 Paula

One Big Man, One Big Truck - These guys have moved me three times and I've recommended them many times to friends. They arrive on time, do a great job and don't nickle and dime you. I hired three big men for the last move and they finished in record time. they moved us from SF to Oakland. We had to pay a bridge fee, but it was still fine. anon

For people looking for reasonably-priced, reliable movers in the Bay area, has a great collection of recent reviews by consumers. There is also a messageboard where volunteers like me answer moving-related questions around the clock.

Two companies that have dozens of rave reviews on for local as well as long-distance moves are Delancey Street Movers in San Francisco at 415-512-5110 (ask for Greg) and Moovers, Inc. in Benicia at 925-288-0630 - website at Their review threads are at (Delancey Street) and t=4655 (Moovers, Inc.). There are many other reviews of companies in Northern California at Diane

August 2006

I recently moved with NorthStar Moving Corporation, and I enjoyed such an amazing service that I am so happy I have this opportunity to share my experience.

The professional courtesy NorthStar showed me during my move was so remarkable that I was left after the move with the most profound respect for the company and its employees. From the sales representatives (who were so extremely professional and pleasant to talk with) to the actual movers (who had moving down to a science and were very good-humored to boot), the move which I had so nervously anticipated was entirely stress-free.

They didn't waste time, the movers worked really hard, and the pricing was very fair considering the amazing service I received. Every one of my belongings was wrapped and protected with moving blankets, bubble-wrap or boxes, not even a little coffee table leg was exposed. Because of this, nothing got broken, nothing even got scratched!!!

And the best part was when everything was unloaded and into my new home, they helped me arrange my living room, dining room, and bedrooms several times till I had the exact placement I wanted. I literally did not lift a finger.

NorthStar (800) 275 7767 will definitely be my lifelong moving company, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for the highest-quality moving company out there Yaffa

Someone to help unload a rental truck

June 2006

Does anyone have a recommendaiton for good movers? We'll be moving to the University Village apartments in Albany in late July and need 2 or 3 people to help unload the 24' Budget rental truck we'll be driving down. We'll be driving on the 23rd and will need help unloading on Monday July 24th. I've checked the Berekely Marketplace site for recommendations but they're all quite dated. The only relatively recent and also positive review is for Delancey Street Movers. Unfortunately they do complete moves only and can't provide labor for our kind of situation. morrison

To the folks looking for a local moving company: We used Seven Bridges Moving last year and were very happy with the service. They took great care with our all our furniture (including beloved inherited antiques), plus they were extra cautious not to ding up our newly painted walls. The guys were very fun to be in around, in fact, and it was not an unpleasant experience. The company was recommended by just about everyone in our realtor's office. Seven Bridges Moving, 925-335-9807 Mary

To the folks looking for help unloading a truck in University Village: help is only a few blocks away! There is a regular day labor hangout, mostly on Hearst, between Truit and White (at 3rd) and about 7th Street. There are many hard-working men looking for a few hours work. Just pull over and 'interview' someone! I've hired men to help me paint, unload a moving truck and dig out a tree stump and have always been impressed with their care and speed. I reccomend offering a flat rate so that your crew has an incentive to work quickly and has clear expectations (but if the job takes longer than you anticipated, make sure they don't get less than $10/hr.). I think for a 24' truck, you could offer 2 men $30. or $40. each; if they finsh in an hour it's a win-win for both you. Oh, and I don't speak Spanish, and we've still managed to communicate enough to get the job done. Katie

June 2006

We recently did a local move (less than 5 miles) and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Five Star Moving! We were most impressed by both the transparency of the process (the movers literally took our detailed email of what needed to be moved and checked off the items before they moved anything), and the high quality service of Virgil and Brian (professional, polite, diligent). When we were clearly over our estimate, they threw on a bunch of extra boxes - as much as would fit in the truck - and did not charge us anything additional to the quoted flat fee. They are probably one of the very, very few that understand what it means to be in the service industry - particularly one as stressful and prone to shadiness as moving! And we've moved ALOT!

Five Star Moving Service 877-408-9500

Craig Gilliam is the owner, who gave us the quote, and was very responsive from answering random questions to lending us wardrobe boxes! Amy

I'd like to offer some updated suggestions from my perspective as a long-term volunteer on the consumer advocacy website At, we recommend moving yourself if possible, either with a rental van (Penske has the best reviews) or with a low-cost U-Pack, We-Drive type company such as ABF U-Pack at or Broadway Express at As of June 2006, our website has close to 300 mostly rave reviews of ABF and Broadway Express.

MovingScam also continues to identify excellent full-service movers for people who need their things loaded and unloaded as well as transported, including Delancey Street Movers and a new company called Moovers, Inc. that was started by people trained in the Delancey Street program.

People wanting to know more about moving are most welcome to visit our message board at, where volunteers answer questions around the clock. We offer reports on auto transporters and rental van companies, packing and loading tips, advice about international shipments, ideas about pet transport, and information about where to find good loading and unloading helpers. Diane

April 2006

We have hired Stu Miller many times over the years and highly recommend him. He is very conscientious, extrememely professional and recently moved friends who were very satisfied with his work.
Stu Miller-Household & Office Moving (510) 848-9395 Berkeley, CA 94702 

March 2006

My family recently moved from Alameda to Dublin Ca. For a previous move, we had used Tomkat moving and hauling (may also be known as TomCat). We had a good experience with them the first time around and wanted to give our business to them again.

We dealt directly with the owner, Tom, and would have rather rented a u-haul when all was said and done. He was a day late, canceling 6 hours after he was supposed to initially arrive. He came the morning after he was scheduled, 45 minutes after the revised time. Within 15 minutes of arriving at our Alameda home, he tracked tar and mud all over our carpet. I asked him to remove his shoes and pointed out the mess he made, and he continued to make a mess. I asked him if he was going to pay for the carpet cleaning, he said he would walk out on the job. We were in a bind, as most would be, and had to beg him to complete the job. I left the house and my husband managed the move to Dublin.

We had our carpets cleaned as soon as Tom and his crew left for the Dublin house. Most of the stains came out, but we now have to disclose the damage to the new owners. Tom never apologized and did not pay any of the $188 carpet cleaning fee.

Tom's crew was very nice and respectful, we wish we had dealt only with them. Let me know if you would like further details, but overall I would not recommend dealing with TomKat on any size job, ever.

We're very sorry to read Becky was distressed regarding her move to be rescheduled for the next day and the carpet soilage. Very often customers are not entirely upfront when booking a move by phone. It was unfortunate for Becky's job to be started late with the first appointment customer providing inaccurate information about what was moving. We try to be accommodating to both parties and apologize to Becky for the first customer creating a situation where her move had to be adjusted to the next day. I retraced my steps where I had followed her husband to the garage after not finding any mud and tar on my shoes or on the steps leading to the house after Becky accused me of soiling her carpet. . I found 3 carpet remnants that they had placed over an oil spot where their family vehicle normally parked. I pointed out the oil spot to her husband where the source of the problem most likely came from. He agreed and then turned away acting like it was not a big deal. We're very sorry they did not place an appropriate floor covering on the garage floor to collect oil residue from their vehicle.
Tom, TomCat Movers (Oct 2006)

Oct 2005

My family recently moved our home with Stu Miller and crew. They did an exceptional job. They listened, were swift, very careful, had equipment I never knew was out there, and performed a very difficult move with a smile. My furniture and home all still look great. It was a very pleasant experience and I would very highly reccomend them. Jennifer L

August 2005

I would recommend Zhang's Moving Company. their number is 1.800.747.9979. This is the 3rd time we are using them. They moved for our home twice and this time was my office located in Downtown. I referred Zhang's Moving Company to all my friends, as well as my dear sister. They all were very satisfied. Their price was good. They were professional, polite, careful, and organize. I would definitely use them again. Anna H.

June 2005

We used Delancey Street Movers for two moves in the past six months. Both teams were extremely efficient, polite, and professional. One team literally ran in and out of our house as they loaded the truck, saying they saw it as their daily workout. They loaded our 1300 sq ft house in under an hour! The price was very reasonable and they DO accept tips (to amend a previous posting by someone who said they don't). The only difference is that they send you a letter listing the tip amount as a donation to their foundation. Happily Moved (twice)

Local movers needed

March 2005

We are moving five blocks near piedmont avenue and need a recommendation for a reliable, friendly movers who won't charge us an arm and a leg. Thanks mari

We are moving from Castro Valley to Concord in April and would like to hire someone to just move our larger items and pre-packed boxes. Any advice on REALIABLE, budget-friendly movers? Last time, we paid 3 movers to do a side-job and were thrilled with them, but I have lost their names! alvarez

This actually goes for both posters in the last newsletter: Between my spouse and I, moving offices and homes, we have probably done a dozen moves with Delancey Street in the last 10 years, and the experience has always been terrific. They are incredibly honest, very reasonable and FAST. They never exceed their estimate (it's guaranteed), and usually come under the estimate by quite a bit. They will pack your stuff, and they are faster than you can imagine. My last move was from a three story live-work space, and they had me packed in 2 1/2 hours! I couldn't believe it. Takes so much of the pain out of moving. Their system is set up so that there are double checks of all kinds, and they take turns being in charge of a job, so chances are most of your movers are also supervisors. Because they are a rehab organization, they will not move liquor, but unless you have quite a hobby, packing your own box of that stuff is no problem. As I recall, they are not allowed to take tips, either, so on big jobs we have gone to a local deli and gotten great sandwiches and sodas for them. Lisa

Moving within Berkeley

Oct 2004

We are moving our household within Berkeley. Can someone please recommend local movers who work in this area and who you have worked with in the past two years?

To the family looking for a good moving company I can recommend the Sultan of Schlep located in Oakland. Tom, owner and Sultan, can be reached at (415) 374-6411 for scheduling or questions. Susan in Oakland

I would like to recommend ONE BIG MAN, ONE BIG TRUCK. They have moved me twice and I've recommended them to countless friend. One didn't like them (but they tend to complain about everything). Everyone else thought they were great. I love 'em. OBMOBT rocks. Happily Moved

Moving heavy furniture upstairs

Oct 2004

I recently expanded my house and need to have some heavy furniture moved within the house up a flight of stairs. I called Delancey Street based on the rave reviews on this board and they don't provide this service for the East Bay. Some of the other recommendations for movers are a bit old and I was hoping for updated recommendations. Barbara

Ben's Moving offers the service you are looking for. I believe they are based in Berkeley so they should be in the book. We used them for 2 moves and they are great to work with. Our realator also recommends them to all her clients. anon

Day laborers for help with move?

May 2004

We will be moving in a few weeks and can do about 80% of it ourselves. However, we have a number of pieces of furniture that will be tough for the two of us to move as they are heavy and we will have a toddler running around. I always notice guys down in the 4th street area looking for day jobs and thought perhaps we could hire several of them for a couple of hours to help my husband with the heavy stuff. Any recommendations on how to do this respectfully, ethically and legally? Can I just drive up and ask if anyone is interested in the job (I speak Spanish), or is there some sort of person unofficially in charge? Fair wages for this sort of job? Any other hints? thanks

Response to person considering hiring day laborers along 4th street for move: the Multicultural Institute (which I believe is associated with St Joseph's the Worker Church) runs a day laborer program from a van near 4th street. (Last time I looked it was parked on Hearst near the railroad tracks.) They keep a list of workers with their skills, and can help you hire a worker and negotiate a fair wage. I would stop there first. Dan

Local movers

April 2004

I thoroughly recommend Stu Miller. 848-9395 His crew is very careful, thorough, professional and nice. Your stuff and your house will be taken care of. For example, when he moved stuff in our house he was careful to put padding on all the doorframes. Nothing got scratched. He installed pads on the feet of all our furniture, free, to protect the floors. Jim

A great mover is Stu Miller, who I used many years ago. He's still around, with even more experience. This guy really knows what he's doing. He tells you exactly how to prepare for an efficient move, and then when his crew arrives, on time, they are extremely organized and careful. When I moved into my present home, Stu didn't have the dates I needed available, so I went with someone else, and it was a disaster -- he underestimated the amount of time and number of guys he needed, they arrived late, the workers were slow, all of which resulted in their not getting finished before the looming rainstorm. On top of it, they damaged some furniture. If I had it to do over again, I would have changed my moving date to use Stu Miller.

April 2004

I am contemplating a local move and wondering if anyone has experience with movers who could come in and pack up my 1 BR apartment for me, and then transport it to the new place all in one day. I looked on the website and didn't see anything... Also, any ballpark estimate of how much it would cost?

I've used a lot of movers, local and cross-country, and the only ones that were a pleasure to work with were Delancey Street. They were also the only ones who I felt were really honest about their pricing. They don't have hidden charges that they spring on you while all your stuff is hostage in the truck, which happened to me with two other well-known companies. Delancey charges by the hour, and for the materials when they pack your stuff. They will send somebody to your house to assess the job, and give you a quote that they guarantee they will not exceed. They quote high, and if they can get the job done for less (which they often can), they'll give you the difference.

I don't see why they couldn't get your job done in a day, as long as you didn't have lots of complicated items to pack. Bear in mind that in order to pack breakable items quickly with the least risk of damage, they use A LOT of packing materials. They used 38 boxes and 90 pounds of newsprint paper to pack our kitchen and breakables--it took a lot of time to flatten out 90 pounds of crumpled newsprint and put it out for recycling. But they did a fantastic job, worked their butts off and were unfailingly polite. Heidi

March 2004

I recently had Stu Miller move my home. I was delighted with his operation. His final bill was considerably less than the in-person quote I received. Stu himself actively participated with his staff of competant, cheerful, young men. He freely offered to and repaired a damaged antique I was worried about before he moved it with the skill of a seasoned surgeon . He amazed us by disassembling and reassembling an intricate multi-faceted french armoir. Throughout the move I knew that his crew were out for our best interest by exercizing the greatest diligence, swiftness, and attention to our needs.They left us with furniture in better condition than when it left, our nerves intact and feeling inspired about the integration of mastery of a trade with a good heart. Stu Miller Movers

Jan 2003

Re: In-state movers
I unequivocably recommend Delancey Street movers. See the website at for all the glowing recommendations of Delancey Street (one of which was mine). We will use them again when we move sometime this year. Lori

Aug 2002

We used Stu Miller this past Spring. He was very pleasant on the phone as well as in person. Very mild mannered. The move went well... no problems. I could have not even been present and I'm sure the move would have went well. We moved from a 4 bdrm to another 4 bdrm. His staff was very pleasant. I think he does charge more than other companies, but we felt we needed someone reliable and dependable and he had a lot of recommendations on the Parents web site, so we went with him. One company NOT to use is All My Sons. My friend used them and had to call the police. This company wanted to hold my friend's furniture ''hostage'' until my friend signed a form that would state they would pay a specific fixed amount for the move. When the police came, the police said these movers are notorious for this problem.

Aug 2002

Re: ''Help Unloading Truck''
We moved twice in the past year, both times into upstairs apartments, and used the same company- Checkered Flag Moving, 408-269-2100. Nothing was damaged, they were on time, and they cost significantly less than everything else I priced both times. Dana

May 2002

My husband, daughter and I will be moving to San Francisco in a few weeks - in fact, my husband just rolled out of town today in our rented U-haul. Does anyone have any recommendations for moving companies that will help unload the truck, paid by the hour? We're moving into the Presidio. Thanks! Molly

We need to move at the end of this month and want to do it our own (our possessions are very few). But we need extra help for a couple of the heavier items. Where can we find big, strong and careful men for a day? Jeesun

A few years ago when I moved, I hired Cal students. The Career Center (642-0440) posts short-term jobs and will let you know the going rate. Three strong students (2 women and 1 man) worked for 8 hours and I fed them Cheese Board Pizza and ice cold drinks as well. (They did such a good job, I even tipped them!) Jenne

We moved within Berkeley last August and used Ben's Moving and Trucking. I can't recommend them highly enough. They are a small, family-run local company. I'd seen Ben recommended in the real estate column by Tarpoff and ?? in the Berkeley Voice. He was every bit as good as they said. This was our second move as we had moved out the year before for renovations and we had a rather poor experience the first time. Ben's number is 540-1991. His estimate was less than what we paid the first time and actually ended up less rather than more when the job was done. Fern

April 2002

We used Delancey Street movers when we moved from San Francisco to Walnut Creek 6 years ago. They were GREAT and I can't recommend them highly enough. Regarding typical cost and tip, we found that we saved a ton of money by doing a really good job packing our own stuff and labeling each box very carefully with the destination room in the house. The movers told us that what ends up costing so much is when folks aren't completely packed and ready to go when the movers arrive, and when the people who are moving don't know where they want the movers to put each box. We were so thrilled with the job Delancey Street did that we gave a tip to the foreman or whatever you would call the mover in charge. We later got a receipt for our donation, as it turns out the movers are not allowed to accept tips. If you are not familiar with Delancey Street, by hiring their movers you are also helping folks get back on their feet. We will absolutely use them again next time we move. Lori

March 2002

Six weeks ago I hired Stu Miller, based on recommendations from the PN web site. He and three strong young men moved my boyfriend and I from two separate one-bedroom apartments into a new two-bedroom place, about two miles from our old neighborhood. Stu is a true professional. He has protective pads, wardrobe boxes, etc. and knows how to move furniture and pack his truck very efficiently. The move took just over three hours and cost about $600. It was worth every penny and my BF and I still talk about how it was the best money we ever spent. We tipped his crew ($10 each) and they were really appreciative. DO pack well and know where you want stuff to go. That saves time. DON'T hire a fly-by-night mover. IMHO peace of mind is worth more than the $50 to $100 bucks you might save. Joanna

March 2002

I had a very nice experience with Al at Alstar moving and Storage in Oakland 839-4862. There prices were better than the rest and they did a fine job. They are not lhigh-endn, they donmt wear uniforms, they are not limpressiven but they do a good job and they showed up EARLY! Daniel

March 2002

I can recommend Emerald Moving and Storage (510)839-3939 for local moving and storage. We had to move out of our Berkeley home recently during a remodel. The move was a bit complicated. We packed everything ourselves but needed some of it to go to storage and some to our short term home. Emerald moved us out, stored our long term stuff at a reasonable monthly rate, and then moved us all back in without any mixups. They were very flexible and pleasant to deal with.

Move within Berkeley

March 2002

We used Delancy Street to move the contents of our 1200-square-foot house (including a piano and some garden furniture) within Berkeley (about 2 miles) in August 2001. As all the previous recommendations have said, Delancey Street was GREAT.

We did most of the packing ourselves. They brought a big truck and four men, and they worked for five or six hours. The cost was about $650 (slightly more than half of what they estimated) -- and so totally worth it.

They charge by the hour, not the space, so you pay more to have them move more stuff only to the extent that it takes them more time to load and unload it. We ended up having them move a few things that we initially thought we'd move ourselves, just because they were there and it was so easy to have them put the things in the van. Based on the previous comments on the website, I did not tip them (oops, did I mess up?). We moved on a Saturday; I don't think there was any extra charge for the weekend. Weekends may be more popular, however, so reserve your date early.

Everything arrived at the new house in the same condition that it left the old house, even the cheap particleboard bookshelves that they warned us might be damaged in the move. We'd recommend them highly and without hesitation. robin

We used Delancey Street movers for our last move. They were very conscientious and reasonably priced. (I don't remember how much it was.) Plus, your money is going to a worthwhile cause. We got estimates from 3 different movers, and I think Delancey street was the cheapest. We usually tip our movers 10-15% of the cost.

2001 & Earlier

May 2000

I highly recommend Delancey Street Movers. Delancey Street is a drug treatment program for serious offenders. They accept people in their program who they believe can handle a rigorous program -- and it is rigorous. It is a 12 month, residential, very difficult program. Among the components is job training (and responsbility). They have a restaurant in SF which is wonderful, staffed by their residents (bus people, waiters, chefs, etc.), the moving company, and they have Holiday Tree farms every December around the bay area. Their prices are fair and the people who come to your home to move you will work very hard and be very careful. I can't recommend them highly enough. Laurel

We used Delancy Street movers this year. They were fast, accurate in their estimate, fairly priced, prompt, professional and we were very happy we used their services. I did quite a bit of looking around before I chose them and they definitely lived up to their reputation. donna

Second the reccommendation of Delancey Street Movers. I've used them twice recently. They were everything the last post said. And you're supporting a great organization that helps people to turn their lives around. Timothy

May 2000

Stu Miller Movers, in the Yellow and White-business pages. I used him in April, and suggested him to my boss, who used Stu's services in May. I was very happy, as was my boss. A bit expensive, very very good. both were in Bay area/East Bay moves. Sara

April 2000

My family has used Stu Miller Moving twice in the past 5 years, and we have had positive experiences with them both times. The owner, Stu, worked on both of our moves and he and his crew were efficient, professional, and well priced. (We were well organized, and knew what went where, so I am sure that helped.) Their phone number is 510 848-9395. They really delivered the 'good vibes' (to us anyways) promised in their Yellow Pages ad!

April 2000

We just moved and used Delancy Street Movers (based in SF). They were really, really, really goodycareful, friendly, extremely hard-working, and very conscious of the fact that our two-year-old was darting about. The moving company is part of the Delancy Street Foundation, which helps rehab felons, so you're supporting a good cause, too. (One of our movers, who was about 6' tall and 225 pounds was also scared of our rabbits, but that's a whole other story...) One of the movers was a father and he took apart and then put together our crib, which we greatly appreciated, given how horrifically stressful moving day can be. I would use them again in a heartbeat, although I might spare that poor guy the sight of our FEROCIOUS house bunnies.

April 2000

I've had good experiences with Delancey Street Movers on two occasions. Their prices seemed reasonable and they definitely hustle. They're in the phone book. Call ahead to book.

April 2000

I recently had to move several heavy items of furniture from my house in Berkeley into an apartment in Albany, then stuff from the Albany apartment into either a storage unit in Berkeley or . . . back to my house! It was really a waste of an afternoon for me and an awful drag, but TOMCAT MOVERS (864-1900) did it all pleasantly and without complaint, and I thought for a very reasonable price. I recommend them without reservation. (Their dispatcher got all of my complicated instructions down perfectly the first time.) Becky

We have had excellent experiences with two cross-country and two local moves with Delancey Street Foundation based on Brannan Street in San Francisco. They are far more qualified, more careful, cheaper, more responsible and prompt, and all around better than any others we've used (Shamrock and I forget which other).
Laura and Stewart (4/00)

I just handled a corporate move for a small nonprofit. We used Delancey Street Movers. I can't say enough good things about them - and I've moved many times, including across the country several times. They were professional, polite, gracious, generous with the clock, etc. I've never used such nice movers. In case you don't know, Delancey Street is actually a nonprofit organization and the people who work there are all in rehab (I believe from substance abuse.). They don't just work there, they're reclaiming their lives - and their attitude shines through. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Janice (4/00)

Sept 1999

I have an old fridge in my kitchen and a newer one in my garage which is down a flight of steps. Any ideas about what sort of person to hire to switch the fridges so I have the newer one in the kitchen and the old one in the garage? Should I call a mover, a handy person or what? Any recommendations appreciated.

We had Red Ball Moving Co. transfer refrigerators between 2 houses for us about 3 years ago. They charged us $75. 2 flights of steps were involved at one house. They're located in Berkeley at 524-8484. Donna

May 1999

I strongly recommend Delancey Street Movers. We used them to move from San Francisco to Walnut Creek. They were extremely efficient and we saved a lot of money using them, and they were very honest. We were so pleased we gave them a big tip at the end. A few weeks later we got a letter thanking us for our donation to Delancey Street. Apparently they can't take tips, so we ended up getting a tax write-off instead. In addition, the folks who work there are recovering drug addicts and you are helping them earn an honest living and get their lives back together.

Jan 1999

Park-Tilden movers because: they were prompt, kept all commitments, the movers moved fast and didn't wreck anything, including finagling a washer and dryer up a narrow freshly painted stairwell, and everyone was extremely polite. Their hourly rate is higher than the other company I called but I just got a sense of greater organization skills and experience, translating into efficiency and therefore perhaps similar costs. They will deliver moving boxes and packing paper prior to the move, a service for which they charge. Sally

Jan 1999

Great mover Stu Miller Moving 510/848-9395 Stu is extremely professional, fast, courteous and totally reliable. He is punctual, efficient and friendly. His crew follow instructions, offer suggestions and are very helpful. I highly recommend him.

Jan 1999

I strongly recommend Stu Miller movers of Berkeley. Stu and his crew did a superlative job in our local move in 1993. I've had enough negative experiences with movers to view them all with fear and loathing, but Stu and his guys did a better job with our stuff than I would've myself, at reasonable cost. His ad in the phone book says good vibes and it's really true. His number's 848-9395. Richard

Jan 1999

Moving Companies: I've had recent experience with Ernie's (6th Street in Berkeley) and Macy's Movers (Oakland). They are both very good. Good people. Used them both for moving as well as container storage for several months while looking for permanent housing. Tamara

Jan 1999

We had a horrible experience with Starving Students of Oakland about a year ago that I have since found out is really common. Although I reserved them a week in advance and called to confirm, Starving Students did not show up on the day, flat-out lied to me that the van was on the way several times, then just quit answering calls. The next day, they didn't show up until 11 am when the office told me at 8 am the van had just left, I was first on the list, blah, blah.

The other scam that Starving Students is famous for is the double drive time policy, which I guess is stardard in the moving industry. This is where you are charged double for the time it takes them to go from old house to new house. Our old house was about 6 blocks from our new house, but we we charged for an hour because the driver pulled in front of the house, told us he would go around the block in order to be pointed the right way and was gone for 45 minutes. At the time we \x11\x07didn't realize that cost us $85 and didn't complain (plus the fact we didn't want to complain when our furniture was still in the truck.) A friend later told me that when she used Starving Students, she saw them eating at McDonalds on the way to her new house.

I wrote numerous letters to Starving Students to complain and got a check for 10% of the move - $58. I spoke to the head of the agency that governs movers and he said that he gets more complaints about Starving Students than any other company. Tracy

April 1998

In response to the person looking for a good mover with a clean storage. I recommend Bekins at 1-888-251-5840 ask for Rich Coldwell. Susan

Jan 1998

Re: moving I would NOT recommend Starving Students; I used them twice and both times the movers were careless and the charged ended up being considerably more than I expected. Dianna

Jan 1998

I can recommend Eagle Hauling Service - Randall Broder He is the next step above do-it-yourself. He has a big truck, dolly, blankets, etc. and you help him (or he brings a helper for an extra charge). He charges $50/hr plus a $15 gas charge. Randall has done big and small jobs for me, is very trustworthy, soft-spoken, and methodical. Ginger (March 2009 update: phone 519 223 6335)

From: Patricia (1/98)

I HIGHLY recommend Delancey Street Movers. They were highly recommended to me when I moved 3 years ago. They arrived promptly, worked quickly (they were even willing to take stuff that I was planning to take myself!) and were EXTREMELY polite and helpful. I had a side-by-side refrigerator and queen sofa sleeper that needed to be taken down a flight of almost 30 wooden steps and they managed both without a problem. They even set up the furniture in the new house! It cost about $300 for 3 men and a huge truck and I think the whole process took less than 4 hours.

From: Natasha Z. (1/98)

I want to second the recommendation for Delancey Street Movers. Two guys came to evaluate our move and provide an estimate on the cost and time it would take. When the movers showed up, there were four instead of two (at no extra charge) and they were simply wonderful, taking great care with our possessions and loading up most of the items we were going to take ourselves. I found they needed very little oversight and understood immediately where things should go (e.g., items taken from the living room should go to the new living room). They finished in less time than they had estimated, and charged us less than the quote. These guys were so wonderful we tried to tip them the difference, but they asked that we make it a contribution to Delancey Street instead. We will definitely use them if we ever need to make another move and I recommend them highly to all our friends.

From: Natasha B. (1/98)

I'd like to strongly second the recommendation for Delancey Street Movers. After an unpleasant experience with an S.F. moving company the first time we moved, we used Delancey to move from S.F. to Berkeley. They were hard-working, pleasant, and honest. I HIGHLY recommend them. Furthermore, it's a good cause.