Movers that would pack and move during a mold situation


I am looking for some recommendations if a service like this exists. Our rental had a water leak in the recent storms followed by mold growth and while our landlords are in a process of repair and remediation, everything takes a long time with the holidays and we are likely looking to move out our stuff so it does not collect more mold spores. We are currently symptomatic if we spend time in the house so are unable to pack anything ourselves. Is there a service that would clean/pack/move an entire house in a situation like this? We definitely would want folks who are prepared with good masks and respirators though we understand that many folks might not be sensitive to it. Has anyone been thru this and has any other advice to offer? 

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Check with Sweet Lemon moving.  They did the same for us a couple years ago, completely in one day, and the price was right.  My skeptical wife was over-the-moon happy.  Priceless.

I don't have a specific company to recommend, but I'd suggest looking at companies that handle cleanup after flood or fire - they are probably equipped to deal with water damage and mold and often have to pack everything up and move it out before cleanup can begin.