Moving companies going up Grizzly Peak


Any recommendations for movers who will go up Grizzly Peak? Any advice or thoughts about the best way to move to a house through all those turns and hills would be great. Thanks!

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Any of the movers with a local-sized truck can handle it.  When we moved up from 1000 Oaks, we used Stu Miller and recommended he come up Spruce.  Euclid also works.  Heck, the AC Transit FX used to run a transbay bus on the street.  Maybe still does. 

I recommend talking to Sierra Sherpas. They're the most realistic, responsible, intelligent, and sensible movers I've ever hired, and they specialize in tricky access situations. I'd guess they can probably help you. But even if they can't do it themselves, they'll have solid advice about how you should proceed. They're based in SF; owner is Orion Buxton.