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Jan 2010

I have been going to Berkeley Primary Care Medical Corps for awhile and have had Dr. Andrea Franchette as my primary MD. However, she has left the practice. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for other MD's in the office.

This may not be the answer you were looking for, but have you checked with Dr. Franchett to see if her new practice covers your health insurance plan? We were lucky enough to be able to follow her. I have been fairly healthy, and only had to visit her at the new office once, but it was a very pleasant experience. I've kept the information on changing to her practice if you're interested. Lisa

Reviews for Andrea Franchette from Berkeley Primary Care Medical Corps:

Oct 2007

Does anyone have experience with Dr. Andrea Franchett - family practitioner in Berkeley? How have you found her, how well is her practice run, can you get in easily, what type of insurance do you have, any problems or criticisms? Does she seem well informed, is she proactive? Other comments? What are the other doctors in the practice like? I am thinking of changing doctors and she was recommended and I don't have much information about her. Thanks. Lookin for a good doc

I love Dr. Franchett. I have found her to be compassionate, smart, funny, reasonable, clinically great, gentle touch. This is the first time in years that I have felt that a practitioner was my partner, didn't expect me 'to know better,' 'take the lead in my own health care.' It can be hard to schedule if she's busy. She returns calls (usually @ the end of the day). I LOVE her! The other folks in the practice are ok, the current front office staff do a good job, try to squeeze me in for urgent situations. nurseb

I've found Dr. Franchett to be friendly, easy to talk to and generally thoughtful about her approach to medical issues -- I guess I would call it proactive but not pushy. I don't know the other doctors in the practice. The office staff is ok. Waiting room time is usually not too long -- much better than at my OB, anyway. Appointments have been fairly easy to get. The only complaint I have is that they make you come in (and co-pay) for an ''initial consultation'' as a new patient, and you have to schedule a 2nd visit to actually get anything done. I have Blue Shield HMO, btw. Getting to Know My Doc Now that I'm Old Enough to Need Physicals

I LOVE Dr. Franchett!!! She is competent, knowledgeable, brilliant, and she is HUMAN. She listens to you, she respects you, she thinks over what you say instead of spitting out the ''automatic doctor'' response. I only wish she'd been around when my kids were little. She's the best doc I've seen since the small-town family doc I grew up with approximately 100 years ago. The office staff (group practice) is pleasant and efficient. We have HealNet insurance thru UC--I think her office takes all major insurance. Dr. Franchett's really extraordinary. Laura

Dr. Franchett is my doctor and I am very happy with her. I found it very easy to get in to see her and she never seems rushed. She is very patient with questions and does a good job explaining her answers. She is a mother of young children which makes me feel even more comfortable with her. I had a virus during my last pregnancy that could have harmed my daughter (but luckily did not) and she spent a long time on the phone with me on numerous occasions. I would highly recommend her. Melissa

I highly recommend Dr. Andrea Franchette at Berkeley Primary Care. I've seen her for a couple of years. Her manner is warm, she listens to my questions, and has been very informed about the range of health issues I've discussed with her. I have also seen Dr. Elizabeth Powell in the same office. Her manner is a little bit more matter-of-fact, but she is very compassionate. Dr. Powell was recently very proactive in getting me seen by a specialist and then the emergency room for an urgent condition. Dr. Franchette is harder to get into than Dr. Powell. I suggest calling the office and asking if they take your insurance - I'm guessing they take many insurance companies. Happy with Andrea Franchette and Berkeley Primary Care

I've seen another dr. in Franchett's practice for a few years. I like him, but I wish there were a ''correct'' way to switch PCPs because I think she is great (I've seen her a couple of times when my PCP was unavailable). The practice is very well run. I rarely wait long, they handle referrals deftly, the staff is very nice. anon

March 2006

Re: Primary Care and Family Practices
I wanted to respond to the person looking for a review of Andrea Franchette. Dr. Franchette is my primary care physician and I'm very happy with her. She listens and makes me feel comfortable. I feel like she takes my concerns seriously and doesn't rush. I also like her because she seems close to my age (mid-30's). I'm happy with all of the doctors I've seen at Berkeley Primary Care, but I try to make my appointments with her. Good luck in your search! happy Franchette patient

Feb 2006

Re: Female Berkeley Doc HealthNet HMO friendly
After going through MANY primary care physicians I have finally found one that is INCREDIBLE! I thought I should share since it is so hard to find good docs these days. Her name is Andrea Franchett and is in the Berkeley Primary Care Medical Corp located at 3000 Colby St. I am always able to get an appt right away... she is caring, she doesn't rush you, and she is thorough. I can't say enough about how much I like her. Her number is 510-848-7533