Berkeley Primary Care Med Corp

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  • Nov 2020: This practice appears to have closed.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

3000 Colby St, Suite 304 848-7533

Physicians reviewed: Gordon Benner, John Jauregui, Dr. Lee, Susan Lucas, Ed McLaughlin, Gino Pelle, Elizabeth Powell

No longer in this practice: Andrea Franchett

Jan 2010

I have been going to Berkeley Primary Care Medical Corps for awhile and have had Dr. Andrea Franchette as my primary MD. However, she has left the practice. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for other MD's in the office. I have seen Dr. Powell and thought she was OK, not great...

Why don't you just ask to see a different doctor each time you make an appt, so you can check them all out? There are just a handful of doctors there to choose from. Dr. Powell whom you saw, is my doctor, and I couldn't be happier with her. I think she is great! Just goes to show we all have different preferences. Good luck!

This may not be the answer you were looking for, but have you checked with Dr. Franchett to see if her new practice covers your health insurance plan? We were lucky enough to be able to follow her. I have been fairly healthy, and only had to visit her at the new office once, but it was a very pleasant experience. I've kept the information on changing to her practice if you're interested. Lisa

Editor Note: Dr. Franchett now practices at Temescal Creek Medicine

June 2009

Re: General practitioner for husband
I posted for a male doctor a while back and got no responses, so here's what I've done since: I see Doctor Ako Jacintho there. I don't know about all the doctors in this clinic, but I really like Jacintho. So often they'll try to get you an earlier appointment with someone else, and in most cases I decline and wait to see Jacintho. He will transact with you over a secure website as well, including refilling easy scrips without a visit (assuming you're on an HMO - PPO is probably different). Good luck! Anon

May 2007

Re: Primary care physician referrals
I really like my new primary care doctor, Susan Lucas at the Berkeley Doctors' Group on Regent Street, 510 848-7533. She's young but very smart, thorough, and kind. Meryl

March 2005

Re: Female Primary Care Physican Needed
My mom, husband, and I have been seeing Elizabeth Powell for years now, and I like her very much. She's thorough and a good communicator, willing to listen to your concerns and take the time to respond. I switched to her when she was able to identify a drug allergy (unusual symptoms) that another on-call doctor couldn't. The office is right by Alta Bates on Colby St, 510-848-7533.

Oct 2004

Re: Health Net Primary physician
Hi. I had been seeing Dr.Powell for about a year. If you can see Dr. Lee in the Berkeley Primary Care group, I'd suggest seeing her instead. She's new to the group, but friendly and fairly reasonable in this wonderful world of managed health care.

Sept 2002

I would highly recommend Elizabeth Powell as an MD. She is thorough, respectful and very approachable. She has been my MD for several years and has alway been great. MK

April 2002

Elizabeth Powell has been my primary care physician for about 8 years now, and my experiences with her have been pretty positive. I don't go to her anymore for my annual exam, since I acquired a GYN with my first pregnancy, but she's always been helpful for the few minor ailments I've picked up along the way, and she is certainly not patronizing. I don't think she would be hostile to alternative treatments, but I don't have personal knowledge of that, as I have been fortunate with my health and have not had much need to explore alternative medicine. You could probably arrange a ''get-acquainted'' meeting with her - - I know my OB/GYN did those, and Dr. Powell might, too. Wendy

Dr. Powell was my primary care physician for a few years until my HMO stopped dealing with her practice. I would rate her OK--not stellar, not disappointing, basically average. She's a calm, nonagressive person. I saw Jauregui once for an acute illness and was put off by his brusque manner...but it was flu season and they were swamped. Vamail

Gordon Benner has been my physician for the past 15 years. He is competent and will give you the information you need, tho in general does not have a chatty personality. (I like the fact that he was the physician on a Mt. Everest climb.). I had to see Elizabeth Powell one time when he was unavailable, and found her to be very warm and personable. Claire