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Child/adolescent psychiatrist for ADD meds management

Oct 2011

I am looking for a child/adolescent psychiatrist for medication management for my child who has ADHD. I would prefer someone in the El Cerrito/Berkeley area, but I will also consider someone in other areas. Thanks! anon

Hal Bornstein, MD, is a very experienced, skilled child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist who recently retired from Kaiser and started a private practice in Oakland. 510 658-1877 Kate

I have feedback regarding psychiatrist Hal Bornstein that differs greatly from the previous poster. I have seen him with my child as the patient. Dr. Bornstein had such an objectionable bedside manner that I, my husband and my child walked out of the office before the appointment was finished. He is abrubt, not compassionate and gave us an overall bad feeling. We never went back. He may be good at the science part of psychiatry but definitely not at the art. Not a fan

Doctor to manage meds for teen with ADD

March 2010

Re: Need new Dr. for teenage boy with ADD
My son sees Dr. Paul Abrinko for his ADHD. Dr. Abrinko is a psychiatrist, he relates very well to both parents, teens and children. He is also very knowledgeable regarding the wide variety of ADHD/ADD treatments available. He is not covered under all health plans, so can be expensive out of pocket ($250 per visit). My son sees him twice a year and his expertise is worth the expense. His office phone is 510-496-6014. East Bay Mom

Psychiatrist who works with adults with ADD

August 2008

Does anyone have recent experience or recommendations for a psychiatrist in the East Bay who works with adults diagnosed with ADHD? Thank you East Bay Mom

Are you looking for someone to handle medication management? My husband is happy with Dr. Donald Stanford in Berkeley. If you are looking for other kinds of support, Linda Lawton in Albany is a good ADHD coach. anonymous

Psychiatrist to prescribe meds for adult ADD

Jan 2007

Any suggestions for psychiatrists to prescribe meds for adult ADD? Saw a couple suggestions from the past but thought maybe there are more out there, ideally someone in Oakland. For a new resident, health plan unconfirmed, but possibly BlCr, BlSh or Healthnet. Thanks for any leads! anon

I highly recommend Dr. Michael Ratener for Adult ADHD. Many years ago I worked for Dr. Ratener, and I was so impressed by his unique combination of compassion and expertise. He's very good at listening to patients, and he has a great deal of knowledge about ADHD and other issues such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. His office is at 2914 Domingo Ave, Suite B in Berkeley. His number is 510-981-0800. Best of luck. Rona

Psychiatrist to help adult with ADD

Sept 2005

I am looking for a recommendation for a psychiatrist or other doctor who can help an adult with ADD (both through counseling and prescribing appropriate medications). Thanks. can't focus

I have been working with Dr. John R. Rostkowski in Walnut Creek and found him to be a big help, especially compared to the previous M.D. I was visiting.

I have had tremendous success with Neurotherapy as a method to reduce the effects of adult ADD. There are a few practicioners in the Bay Area: is a web site where there are listings. I can recommend Carolyn Robertson at Advanced Neurotherapy in Walnut Creek (925) 906-0420.

Seeking psychiatrist to diagnose adult ADD

Feb 2003

I Believe my husband has ADD and would like to find a psychiatrist in the east Bay that is good with diagnosing adult ADD and with treatment. He have HEALTHNET insurance so would love to fine a doctor that takes this, but it's not imperative.

I'm a psychotherapist myself, and have talked with quite a few people who specialize in ADD. Stan Yantis is the only psychiatrist I know with this specialty, and I don't know him well, but he seems friendly, warm, respectful, and definitely an expert in ADD. Psychiatrists are not all so personable, so I think he's a great choice. He's in SF. Cynthia