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Mind Builders was previously known as Attention and Achievement Center

Archived Q&A and Reviews

    Aug 2010

    Re: Tutor for our 2e 13yo son!
    Although you requested a tutor, I would also like to point you toward the Attention Achievement Center, a resource that has helped our own 2E child amazingly. You can find more information at: http://www.drugfreeadd.com/ They have a program that can help your child repattern their brain habits toward greater attention. It's totally drug free, permanent, and effective. Our child's homeroom teacher described the change as ''like a miracle.'' We also have used tutors, but it was like walking uphill until we did the achievement center program. Grateful

    June 2010

    Re: Neurofeedback training for ADD
    I had a bad experience with Attention & Achievement Center. They saw that I was desperate, said what I wanted to hear, and took my money. The results: they had an unexperienced, revolving staff perform the neurofeedback on my son. The whole experience was frustrating and a waste of time and money.

    I'm not saying that neurofeedback does not work. It does but it's finding the right practitioner. Susan Snyder, PhD does neurofeedback but I don't know if she works with children. Her contact number is 925-388-2001.

    There is no easy answer. It takes a lot of work and any one who makes outrageous promises - beware! Anon

    Feedback about Attention and Achievement Center

    Sept 2009

    I am considering testing myself and would like to know if you have any feedback about this place. I would love to hear any positive or negative feedback you may have experienced or heard. Since the treatment is very expensive I want to make sure it'll be worth the money. http://drugfreeadd.com/ Thank you!! Ann

    Yes, the treatment is expensive, very expensive and time consuming. When I first met with Dr. Hashemian at Attention & Achievement Center I felt an immediate connection with him. I felt that he really understood what my son was going through, and what I, his mother, was going through. I could not wait for treatment to start. The result: I was most disappointed with the treatment. Please read his legal disclaimer CAREFULLY,

    ''... While Ali Hashemian and other providers of complementary and alternative services hold private certification from independent credentialing bodies, such services are not regulated by the government and no licensing is offered. As such, providers of alternative or complementary services, including Ali Hashemian, are not, and are not required to be, physicians, surgeons, psychologists, or mental health providers and are not licensed by the State of California as healing arts practitioners.''

    Yes, treatment was performed by his administrative staff. TM

    May 2009

    I am thinking about using the Attention and Achievement Center in Walnut Creek (also Pleasanton, San Mateo and Fremont) to assess and treat my son for ADD. Has anyone used them and how do you feel about the results? Thank You

    It's a big money making business. Dr Hashemian has a revolving staff. You might get someone pleasant one session and rude the next. When I asked his office staff to tell me about The College of Behavioral Medicine, which they are a division of, no one knew what it was.

    Their team of professionals are independent contractors which mean they refer to one another. There is very little coordination with the work that they do except take you money. I was certainly disappointed with Attention & Achievement Center. The neurofeedback my son received did not make a measurable difference with his ADHD, if any at all. Be sure to read their LEGAL DISCLAIMER carefully. A Wiser Mom