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June 2008

Any reviews of Pediatric Motor Playground? My kindergardener has been dubbed sensory seeking and is struggling on the playground. Someone mentioned this place might be of some help but I can't find any reviews in the archives. maybe OT is the answer

Our 4-year-old son has been going to PMP twice a week for about 6 months now, on the recommendation of his preschool. The original intent was to help him with ''personal space'' issues, which it turns out isn't really something they focus on at PMP. Anyway, we are happy enough with his progress that we are staying on . . . and he LOVES it, really looks forward to going every time. The staff are very enthusiastic and ''overreact'' for the kids' amusement; they are always cracking up in there. My impressions, briefly, are that it is sort of like gym class, but more fun and with nice coaches. The kids do a series of game-like activities (throw a ball at a stack of blocks, see if you can cut out a circle with a smiley-face on it, crawl through a wobbly tunnel, etc.) At the end of each class, if the kid has behaved well, he earns a ticket, and he can trade in 5 tickets for a little prize. So they also learn patience, taking turns, sitting still, etc. They really emphasize progress at PMP, like, ''we guarantee you will notice an improvement in your child's ability to throw a ball, hop on one foot, and hold scissors with a proper grip.'' The only thing I don't love about the place is that as a mildly eccentric East-Bay lady, I don't fit in too well with the other people there (maybe it's a Walnut Creek thing??) Also, they play bad music AND TV simultaneously in the waiting room. Not a huge deal. In any case, if you can afford to, I think it can't hurt to try it for a few months and see how t works for you. They definitely have a ''system'' that seems effective (and is fun at the same time). Just the other day, my husband remarked that my son can now throw a ball a lot better and in general is more coordinated and confident. And it's certainly not the ''big deal'' I thought it would be to enroll my kid in OT. Good luck! PMP mom