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140 Brookwood Rd. #201 Orinda, CA

Reviewed: Anna Bloxham, Michele Bricker, Ann Stevens
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Oct 2007

Re: Female Primary Doctor
Michelle Bricker is the most skilled and caring doctor I've ever encountered, and I believe all the doctors in that group are women. My health plan is with Alta Bates, and I had to find another doctor when she joined John Muir -- switching sure was tough! Note that she's an internist not a family practitioner, in case that matters. 140 Brookwood Rd Ste 201, Muir Diablo Primary Care, Orinda, CA (925) 254-9090
still miss Dr. Bricker

Jan 2004

Hi - I've seen the post on the website for EBIM, but am told that, while none of the dr's are accepting new patients now, that Dr. Bricker *may* be in a month or so. Does anyone have comments on Dr. Bricker that they would be willing to share? Also it is possible (though doesn't sound very likely) that Dr. Bloxham will accept new patients later in the year. Any new comments on Dr. Bloxham? If you prefer, you could email me privately. thanks very much

Dr Bricker has been my doctor for 2 years now. I like her quite a bit. I have found her to be smart, thorough, and responsive. She has insisted on office visits for illnesses for which my previous doctor would have issued a prescription over the phone. I like that kind of thoroughness. Good luck. Lisa
Dr. Bricker became my physician after Dr. Unger left Alta Bates. I think she's terrific - warm, responsive, detailed, knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
my wife likes her matt
May 2003

I'm researching primary care physicians. We just switched from Blue Shield to Healthnet HMO, and I have to change doctors. I'd like to stay with the Alta Bates Medical Group. I'd be interested in hearing people's opinions of Anna Bloxham and Michele Bricker who work at East Bay Internal Medicine in Orinda with Dr. Ann Stevens (who comes highly recommended by a lot of people, but who is not accepting new patients).

I am a member of HealthNet HMO and my primary care physician is in the East Bay Internal Medicine group. I saw Dr. Anna Bloxham once last year when my doctor couldn't see me for an urgent care issue. I loved Dr. Bloxham! She has a very reassuring manner and she is really personable. I think she'd be a great choice. (As a side note, I have been very happy with the practice in general.) An EBIM Patient
Regarding Dr. Anna Bloxham at East Bay Internal Medicine. I am a patient of Dr. Bloxham's and I like her very much. I originally saw another physician in the same group who worked such limited hours that I practically always had to see another physician anyway. One of the others I saw was Anna Bloxham. I find her very proactive and concerned with my total health, not just the disease of the moment. She is very caring and addresses difficult issues tactfully, with respect, but clearly, so that you understand that the issue is important. She is not especially good at answering non-urgent phone messages, but I have recently begun emailing her, at her suggestion, and she responds promptly. The practice is very well organized and I have had few problems getting referrals in a timely manner. The office staff are very friendly and helpful, as well. Dr. Bloxham is also willing to schedule early morning appointments (before the office actually opens) for certain procedures such as pap smears, and is very good about fitting patients in, sometimes having them schedule to see NPs and then coming in during the exam. Although in general I feel the quality of health care is seriously slipping, I find that Dr. Bloxham remains caring and engaged, despite the horrible pressures under which physicians work these days. a satisfied patient
Nov 2001

i have an *excellent* MD! Ann Stevens has been my wonderful, smart and thorough doctor for the last few years. i am one of those patients that hate to be talked down to, that really want *all* the details and information so i was so happy to find a doctor that will sit and talk to me and never seems rushed. it is also nice that she is a mother and we can chat informally about parenting. however, she is moving her practice to orinda (East Bay Internal Medicine 925-254-9090 ebim9090 at pacbell.net) but still a part of alta bates medical associates. i'm following her to orinda even though i live in berkeley. she says she will continue to accept all the insurance plans she currently accepts (i have Healthnet and Blue Cross with her). -- carrie s.